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 (trĕ-yäzh′, trā′lĭj)
Latticework, especially a trellis for a vine.

[French, from Old French treille, bower supported by trelliswork, from Latin trichila, bower, arbor.]
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latticework; trellis
[C17: from French, from Old French treille bower, from Latin trichila; see -age]
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(ˈtreɪ lɪdʒ; Fr. trɛˈyaʒ)

latticework; a lattice or trellis.
[1690–1700; < French treille vine-arbor, trellis < Latin trichila]
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 latticework or grille, hence, treillage of vines, 1830.
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Noun1.treillage - latticework used to support climbing plantstreillage - latticework used to support climbing plants
espalier - a trellis on which ornamental shrub or fruit tree is trained to grow flat
fretwork, latticework, lattice - framework consisting of an ornamental design made of strips of wood or metal
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While Stepan Arkadyevitch went behind the treillage, and the man's voice which had been speaking paused, Levin gazed at the portrait, which stood out from the frame in the brilliant light thrown on it, and he could not tear himself away from it.
Anna had come from behind the treillage to meet him, and Levin saw in the dim light of the study the very woman of the portrait, in a dark blue shot gown, not in the same position nor with the same expression, but with the same perfection of beauty which the artist had caught in the portrait.
In keeping with Faberge's history for surprise and ingenuity, John Williams has created a luxurious Eggs Faberge dish, which closely mirrors the multi-coloured Faberge Treillage egg pendant.
Ces fenetres sont garnies de curieuses cages de treillage que les Arabes appellent des "moucharabiehs".
His penchant for architectural features, such as long pergolas, arbours, loggias, pavilions, and treillage, and his rarefied use of classical ornament was balanced by his flair for luxuriant plantings.