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a person or thing that trembles
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tremblor – a tremor; earthquake


intr.v. trem·bled, trem·bling, trem·bles
1. To shake involuntarily, as from excitement or anger; quake. See Synonyms at shake.
2. To feel fear or anxiety: I tremble at the very thought of it.
3. To vibrate or quiver: leaves trembling in the breeze.
1. The act or state of trembling.
2. trembles A convulsive fit of shaking. Used with the.
3. trembles(used with a sing. verb)
a. Poisoning of domestic animals, especially cattle and sheep, caused by eating white snakeroot or the composite plant Isocoma pluriflora of the southwest United States and northern Mexico, and characterized by muscular tremors and weakening. Also called milk sickness.
b. Any of several other animal diseases characterized by trembling, such as louping ill.

[Middle English tremblen, from Old French trembler, from Vulgar Latin *tremulāre, from Latin tremulus, trembling; see tremulous.]

trem′bler n.
trem′bling·ly adv.
trem′bly adj.


(Electrical Engineering) electrical engineering a device that vibrates to make or break an electrical circuit
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Noun1.trembler - one who quakes and trembles with (or as with) feartrembler - one who quakes and trembles with (or as with) fear
coward - a person who shows fear or timidity


A shaking of the earth:
Informal: shake.
References in classic literature ?
Who stands first--outcast Esau forgiving Jacob in prosperity, or Joseph on a king's throne forgiving the ragged tremblers whose happy rascality placed him there?
Much like popular inshore walk-the-dog lures, the Tremblers are designed to dart side-to-side as you twitch the rodtip--except the action is subsurface.
The concerns were sparked by the recent earthquakes in Iran, and the succession of tremblers that jolted parts the West Asian region, including Oman.
The squadron, nicknamed the Tremblers, was disbanded after its Tornado F3 fighters were formally retired from service on March 22.
This year's tremblers tended to grab headlines because of their location.
Most earthquakes rock the seafloor, but this year's tremblers damaged heavily populated areas, causing them to stand out and grab headlines.