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intr.v. trem·bled, trem·bling, trem·bles
1. To shake involuntarily, as from excitement or anger; quake. See Synonyms at shake.
2. To feel fear or anxiety: I tremble at the very thought of it.
3. To vibrate or quiver: leaves trembling in the breeze.
1. The act or state of trembling.
2. trembles A convulsive fit of shaking. Used with the.
3. trembles(used with a sing. verb)
a. Poisoning of domestic animals, especially cattle and sheep, caused by eating white snakeroot or the composite plant Isocoma pluriflora of the southwest United States and northern Mexico, and characterized by muscular tremors and weakening. Also called milk sickness.
b. Any of several other animal diseases characterized by trembling, such as louping ill.

[Middle English tremblen, from Old French trembler, from Vulgar Latin *tremulāre, from Latin tremulus, trembling; see tremulous.]

trem′bler n.
trem′bling·ly adv.
trem′bly adj.
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(ˈtrɛm bli)

adj. -bli•er, -bli•est.
quivering; tremulous.
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Jim said it made him all over trembly and feverish to be so close to freedom.
And when his hands are too trembly, and his eyes too shiny, why, I lecture him about his life and the wrong way he is going about it to mend it.
"Oh, Tom!" she cried again in a trembly little voice and flung herself upon me, sobbing softly.
Juniors Julia Koltuniuk, Sydney Skertich and sophomore Kate Trembly are back.
SPURS: The English players are rested, the cash is being splashed, for all his whining Mauricio Pochettino is still there, as is Toby Alderweireld and Christian Eriksen (thus far), Wembley's a trembly memory and they have a chance to turn the New Lane into the Nou Camp.
When a young couple adopted her from the Dogs Trust at 10 months old, she was so terrified and trembly, that the couple had to adopt a second dog to keep her company and calm her down.'
Jim said it made him all over trembly and feverish to be so close to freedom.
Horses with the disease may develop a range of signs but typically become very dull, weak, stiff and trembly. The first signs are often lethargy, a quiet demeanour or reluctance to work and the most common misdiagnosis in cases of Atypical Myopathy is colic, as the first stages can appear very similar.
trembly for wembley Thorstvedt raises trophy in 1991 after FA Cup triumph - and now urges today's Spurs to go for it
Dishes she enjoyed included split-pea chips with mushroom ketchup, 'creamy as fondant, crunchy outside, almost trembly's farinata with the swagger of a Gallagher brother'; and a 'fantastically austere-luxurious' butter pie with split green peas.
"The first time he was smiley and nice but the second time he was very close to me, my voice became very trembly.
Chris Trembly, Director of Operations of Preferred Trust Company said, "Our clients open self-directed IRAs to diversify their retirement portfolio with collateralized investments in mind.