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Noun1.trend line - a line on a graph indicating a statistical trendtrend line - a line on a graph indicating a statistical trend
line - a mark that is long relative to its width; "He drew a line on the chart"
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For parts cost, the trend line appeared almost flat, showing no increase in parts cost over the lifetime of the M1114.
Market: Europe plotted a trend line with Eurostat's Portuguese confidence statistics for 2007 and it showed a downward sloping line.
A graph presented by the Ministry shows a steeply upward sloping trend line from the fourth quarter 2002 to the third quarter of 2003, which was the first time the index turned positive.
While further incremental improvement is likely, the trend line seems to be flattening out.
"The long-term trend line is about 860 to 870 planes per year.
A trend line is dynamic; it indicates which direction we have been moving and predicts which direction we will move in the future.
While they have tapered off a bit from the recent high in 2000, sales are still above the long-term trend line. In the first-half portion of 2005, they are running less than 1% off last year's level.
First, the most optimistic demand projections suggest that, at least in the near-to mid-term, the trend line in industry entry level technical hiring will remain flat at the current low point of about one-half the historic rate.
"When you look at the statistics, the trend line and the interpretation of those statistics are more important than the numbers themselves."
The history of the storage industry has been marked by a continual upward or improving trend line that was evident in just about every statistic that could be measured--until the year 2001.
Looking at the trend line over the past year and out into the future, the situation doesn't seem likely to abate any time soon.
Another aspect of television programming that will bear panel scrutiny at Banff this year is the phenomenal growth of reality television, as industry leaders, chaired by CBC media watchdog Mark Starowicz, examine the fluctuating reality programming trend line. Small--screen executive producer and funnyman James Burrows, known for decades of legendary sitcom brilliance in programs such as The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Taxi, Cheers, Fraiser and Will and Grace, is calmly waiting for the end of the reality television world.