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Noun1.trend-setter - someone who popularizes a new fashiontrend-setter - someone who popularizes a new fashion
role model, model - someone worthy of imitation; "every child needs a role model"
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com), a trend-setter in the design of bathroom furnishings and fixtures, today announced the official debut of its new exclusive collection with Matt Muenster, host of the DIY Network's Bath Crashers.
It's fun meets fine," says Maureen Hoyt of Optional Art of her new line of stackable gel rings by German jewelry trend-setter Gellner.
David Beckham - he is a sports icon and a worldwide trend-setter
TREND-setter Kate Moss has a new hobby - tap dancing.
Whether he's an action man, gentleman or trend-setter, he'll want to look groomed and gorgeous.
We believe this to be an industry first and a trend-setter for large injection molded parts," says Brian Sumpter, business development director at Mack's Inman, S.
FORGET FCUK and DKNY - the only logo every trend-setter will soon want to be seen with is the Royal Navy's White Ensign.
As San Fernando transforms itself into a trend-setter for urban renewal, plans to complete the Valley's first Olympic-quality swim center have stalled.
Fast Search & Transfer(TM) (FAST(TM)), the leading developer of enterprise search and real-time alerting technologies, today announced that its Enterprise Search Platform (FAST ESP(TM)), was selected by KMWorld magazine as a "2005 Trend-Setter.
The winner for May 16 is TREND-SETTER from Bryan Bridges of Wolverhampton.
Wisconsin has long been a trend-setter in public education.
Not even his most loyal fans - and there were millions of them in his 50s/60s heyday - would claim that he was a trend-setter.