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Noun1.trend-setter - someone who popularizes a new fashiontrend-setter - someone who popularizes a new fashion
role model, model - someone worthy of imitation; "every child needs a role model"
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Our dear leaders, trend-setters, role models and rays of hope, we the teeming millions of Pakistan, our envisioned land of purity, promise and potential, beg you to please rise over and above self, banish diehard egos, stand and sit together, sink your lethal differences and address core national issues by coexisting with conflicting views and interests amid mutual respect, tolerance and shared happiness
And so it was the case on a rainy Saturday at Gosforth Park where trend-setters and fashionistas were clearly out in force with a fabulous range of headwear that could not fail to catch the eye.
Praying for our leaders in being trend-setters for the masses as a harmonious blend of mutual cheers, trust and cooperation, rising over and above self, practicing all the good that they have been preaching, being able to skilfully join hands with our media to project our positive image abroad towards a better and brighter Pakistan.
The trend-setters queued at specific times for a week to gain their place in the line-up when the doors opened on Saturday at End Clothing.
Trend-setters, style icons and two of Vogue's favourite gals, the pair stole the show as usual in strapless gold Prada and Eighties-style courts (Alexa) and sheer Alexander McQueen (Mossy) while looking as if they weren't even trying - note the bedhead hair and nonchalant expressions.
The programme highlighted all steps from design to implementation, showing Windows 8.1 tools and features as well as how developers can monetise their applications.Professor Nabil El Kadhi, Provost, AMA International University, said: "Technology is an industry moving in a fast pace toward the future, changing trends -- moving from phone to smart phone, from PC to tablet -- and creating new ones; in today's trend 'mobility and portability' Microsoft has always been one of the major trend-setters globally." All participants of the workshop received an official certificate of attendance from Microsoft.
The capital's trend-setters arrive for exclusive opening of new bar and GRILLTWENTY Princes Street at the Juniper Hotel Trio Julie Roberts, Susan Collins and Al James Having a blast Peter Ferguson, Belinda Roberts, Fiona Pretty and Craig Lumsdaine Trendy Rachael McEwan and Carol Gardner Black and white Keren Adams and Louise Aitken Top night Norman Irons, Rosemary Leckie, Anne Irons and David Milne All smiles Gillian Hobson & John Young Reddy, set, go Fiona Duff, Diane Lester, Anne Hunter and Oonagh McGinnis Group Sarah Gibson, Claire McGuckin, Olive Taylor, Kay Muir and Magda Wiatrawska
Today, who remembers the great Erte, whose Art Deco designs once thrilled trend-setters from Paris to Hollywood?
Live snooker BBC2 & Eurosport 2, 1pm SNOOKER fans are rightly not known to be trend-setters in the fashion stakes, as demonstrated by the collection of wacky knitwear on show when they gather round the ticket-hall table for one of Steve Davis's TV coaching sessions at the World Championship, writes Phil Agius.
Quinoa, the nutritious whole grain from the Andes, has become a staple of trend-setters and Hollywood A-listers because of its rich, hearty flavor, high fiber, high protein, amino acids and ease of preparation.
The latest arrivals are landing in stores now and already it seems there is only one clear winner to ensure you stay in step with the trend-setters...
RAK Ceramics' collaboration with Italian and Spanish design houses has been very successful as the designs that we have introduced have become trend-setters and received excellent responses from our customers worldwide."