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Noun1.trend-setter - someone who popularizes a new fashiontrend-setter - someone who popularizes a new fashion
role model, model - someone worthy of imitation; "every child needs a role model"
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The capital's trend-setters arrive for exclusive opening of new bar and GRILLTWENTY Princes Street at the Juniper Hotel Trio Julie Roberts, Susan Collins and Al James Having a blast Peter Ferguson, Belinda Roberts, Fiona Pretty and Craig Lumsdaine Trendy Rachael McEwan and Carol Gardner Black and white Keren Adams and Louise Aitken Top night Norman Irons, Rosemary Leckie, Anne Irons and David Milne All smiles Gillian Hobson & John Young Reddy, set, go Fiona Duff, Diane Lester, Anne Hunter and Oonagh McGinnis Group Sarah Gibson, Claire McGuckin, Olive Taylor, Kay Muir and Magda Wiatrawska
We like to think we are individuals doing our own thing but are we not trend-setters we are trend-followers.
Trend-setters like Becks love Lolita Lempicka's fragrance.
Crocs is the maker of comfortable rainbow-colored slip-on shoes that have quickly become a fashion staple and are worn by trend-setters in markets across the country.
The Ariel Fashion Awards, which take place on Wednesday March 29, celebrate the best of the high street, with awards going for Best Store for Wardrobe Essentials, Best Value Range, Best Trend-Setters and Best Shoe Collections, among others.
I think Stanford and MIT may very well be trend-setters here," says Barbara Taylor, associate vice chancellor for Human Resources at the University of Arkansas, and president-elect of CUPAHR, the College & University Professional Association for Human Resources.
The main factor to the penetration of Iraq by these forces and trend-setters - long before a US-led invasion toppled Saddam's regime in April 2003 - was the way US democracy worked after 9/11.
TOURISM trend-setters have been talking up their far-flung holiday hotspots at Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre -but there are hidden gems closer to home.
Don't remove the spent flowers - the brown skeletons that remain have a fabulous architectural quality which trend-setters look for, especially when planning contemporary schemes.
Hip-hop kids, America's only real trend-setters, have far-reaching effects on fashion," wrote Kiema Mayo recently in The Source.