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A treponema.
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Caused by Treponeme bacteria, DD has been affecting the majority of UK dairy herds since 1987.
Although the treponemal serologic status of the pet owners in this study is unavailable, the fact that seropositive pet NHPs from a region neighboring an area with a high number of human yaws cases suggests that the NHP cases resulted from treponeme transmission from humans to pets.
This attachment, which is thought to involve adhesin molecules on the treponeme and complementary ligands and extracellular matrix components of the host cell, facilitates the pathogen movement into the tissue (3,12).
The spirochetes include a thin treponeme morphologically indistinguishable from Treponema pallidum, a Borrelia-like medium-sized 5:4:5 or 4:8:4 spirochete attached at the posterior periphery of the cell's wood ingestive zone, and Canaleparolina sp.
La maladie du sommeil avait toujours existe, disait-on et << si elle etait aussi meurtriere, tout le pays serait depuis longtemps depeuple >> ; << Jamot confond le trypanosome avec le treponeme de la syphilis et du pian >>, affirmait le directeur du service de sante du Cameroun.
The accuracy of genetic signatures for different treponeme strains has yet to be established, they say.
Contributors offer their research in the molecular genetics of spirochetes (including the isolation and characterization of isogenic mutants, motility gene regulation and chemotaxis and development of treponeme genetic systems), genetics and diversity (including comparative genetic studies and those of genotypic variation), gene expression, and interactions of spirochetes and hosts, including Lyme disease and relapsing conditions.
palladum and new insights into Treponeme diversity, genomics, and cellular and molecular biology.
Since it takes several weeks for the mother and baby to mount antibody response to the treponeme, they might have tested negative at the time of delivery.
Characterization of novel bovine gastrointestinal tract Treponema isolates and comparison with bovine digital dermatitis treponemes.
Localised lymph node enlargement can be seen in primary or tertiary syphilis, whereas secondary syphilis commonly shows generalised lymphadenopathy in keeping with the generalised dissemination of treponemes that accompanies this stage of the disease.
The localisation of treponemes and characterization of the inflammatory infiltrate in skin biopsies from patients with primary or secondary syphilis, or early infectious yaws.