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 (trĕs′pəs, -păs′)
intr.v. tres·passed, tres·pass·ing, tres·pass·es
1. Law To commit an unlawful injury to the person, property, or rights of another, with actual or implied force or violence, especially to enter onto another's land wrongfully.
2. To infringe on the privacy, time, or attention of another: "I must ... not trespass too far on the patience of a good-natured critic" (Henry Fielding).
3. To commit an offense or a sin; transgress or err.
n. (trĕs′păs′, -pəs)
1. Law
a. The act of trespassing.
b. A suit brought for trespassing.
2. An intrusion or infringement on another.
3. The transgression of a moral or social law, code, or duty. See Synonyms at breach.

[Middle English trespassen, from Old French trespasser : tres-, over (from Latin trāns-; see trans-) + passer, to pass; see pass.]

tres′pass·er n.
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Adj.1.trespassing - gradually intrusive without right or permissiontrespassing - gradually intrusive without right or permission; "we moved back from the encroaching tide"; "invasive tourists"; "trespassing hunters"
intrusive - tending to intrude (especially upon privacy); "she felt her presence there was intrusive"
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At the same time I felt a little jealousy, a little grudge, that any one else should love them as well as I, and if the poem had not been so beautiful I should have hated the poet for trespassing on my ground.
My blatant trespassing has saved you from that, at least.
A little way past the inn we came upon a notice-board whereon the lord of the manor warned all wayfarers against trespassing on the common by making encampments, lighting fires or cutting firewood thereon, and to this fortunate circumstance I owe the most interesting story my companion had to tell.
"Whether it's due to a fascination with trains, peer pressure or lad culture, we know boys and young men are the most likely groups to go on the tracks and are therefore at a higher risk of being killed or seriously injured as a result of trespassing.
Mike Bishop, who works in the Technology Park opposite, saw the boys trespassing at around 2.45pm on Tuesday, before they climbed up the embankment.
AHARD-HITTING video highlighting the dangers of trespassing on rail tracks has been released.
A HARD-HITTING video showing graphic footage of the life-changing consequences of trespassing on rail tracks has been released.
A WOMAN was assisted by police after she was found trespassing on the railway line at Milnsbridge on Monday morning.
The state's highest civil court previously weighed the idea of underground trespassing in a different context.
Previously, a man was convicted in February after trespassing at her Gomez's old house and was sentenced to 120 days in jail.
Ricky Preddie, 26, faces six counts of driving without insurance and while disqualified, and one of trespassing on railway property.
Eugene city prosecutors will not file a trespassing charge against a local activist who was ticketed for the offense last month outside the Horsehead tavern in downtown Eugene.