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An isomer of retinoic acid used topically to treat acne and to mitigate fine facial wrinkling and orally to treat one form of leukemia.


(Pharmacology) pharmacol a synthetic form of vitamin A used as a drug to treat certain skin conditions and a type of leukemia


(trəˈtɪn oʊ ɪn)
a drug chemically related to vitamin A, used as a topical ointment to treat skin disorders, esp. acne.
[1960–65; t(ri-) + retino- (< Greek rhētinē resin) + -in1]


n tretinoína
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He claimed some cosmetic products sold online have mercury, hydroquinone or tretinoin.
The trial evaluated the efficacy, tolerability and safety of two TWIN concentrations, TWIN High and TWIN Low, containing a higher or lower concentration of encapsulated tretinoin and an identical concentration of encapsulated benzoyl peroxide.
Upon approval by the US FDA, ALTRENO will be the first tretinoin product in lotion form rather than a gel or cream, according to the company.
The study enrolled 13 children aged 7-10 years: 5 with acne (3 randomized to treatment with benzoyl peroxide 5% gel or cream and 2 to treatment with tretinoin 0.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Tretinoin 10mg capsules/tablets
Be sceptical about all anti-wrinkle creams except those that contain a derivative of vitamin A called tretinoin.
WASHINGTON -- Adding a topical steroid to tretinoin may be useful in reducing some of the retinoid-induced dermal irritation commonly seen with this treatment in patients with acne.
The three month study is examining the efficacy of the topical acne drug tretinoin formulated with Phosphagenics' proprietary transdermal delivery technology TPM, against aleading commercial tretinoin formulation.
One example of the Lower Highlands Dermatology acne treatment option is their tretinoin treatment.
received final approval from the FDA for its Abbreviated New Drug Application for tretinoin capsules, 10 mg.
Extraderm Maxi Peel Exfoliant astringent #3 or #4 --Contains tretinoin and hydroquinone.