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One who competes in a triathlon.


(traɪˈæθ lit)

a competitor in a triathlon.
[1980–85; b. triathlon and athlete]


[traɪˈæθliːt] ntriathlète mf


nTriathlet(in) m(f)
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There is plenty of advice on multi-sport training in the two major triathlon magazines, Inside Triathlon and Triathlete, and on the Internet.
e) The smallest important change in race time for a top triathlete (half the variation in total time) is ~0.
Lindquist, a two-time national champion, also was an elite swimmer before she became a triathlete.
The planned triathlete workouts are similar to those used by cross-country, track, and swimming coaches.
In the context of multi-sport events, the research suggests that finishing the cycling portion with a fast cadence gives a triathlete an edge by essentially increasing his or her running speed.
A triathlete strives for buoyancy, strength, endurance, speed and concentration, i.
Paula enjoys all parts of triathlete training, but she sometimes does find it hard to get motivated to train.
Budding triathlete Steve Boswell of Cupertino, California, notes, "I had a ruptured Achilles' tendon form too much running, so I started biking and swimming to stay in shape.
Key findings of the study include the identification of four groups of triathlon participants based on experience and motivations - the newcomer, the practitioner, the veteran and the lapsed triathlete.
The Elite Triathlete of the Year, Duathlete, Age Group Triathlete, and the Youth Triathlete, both from the men's and women's divisions, are among the top awards that will be given.
These include a professional triathlete's wave, or aACAypro field', which will see 12 elite triathletes competing for first place.
Woman triathlete, Zeyor, finished in 06:56:49 hours.