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Of, relating to, or characteristic of a tribe.

trib′al·ly adv.


1. (Anthropology & Ethnology) of or denoting a tribe or tribes: tribal chiefs in northern Yemen.
2. (Anthropology & Ethnology) displaying loyalty to a tribe, group, or tribal values: the tribal loyalties of Labour MPs.
ˈtribally adv


(ˈtraɪ bəl)

of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a tribe.
trib′al•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.tribal - relating to or characteristic of a tribetribal - relating to or characteristic of a tribe; "tribal customs"
kabileye ait


[ˈtraɪbəl] ADJtribal, de tribu


[ˈtraɪbəl] adjtribal(e)


adjStammes-; tribal chiefStammeshäuptling m; tribal region/settlementStammesgebiet nt/-siedlung f; tribal ritualsStammesrituale pl; tribal loyaltiesStammestreue f; Celtic society was basically tribaldie Gesellschaftsordnung der Kelten war stammesgebunden; to be divided on or along tribal lines (lit)nach Stammeszugehörigkeit geteilt sein; (fig)in feindliche Lager gespalten sein


[ˈtraɪbl] adjtribale; (warfare) → fra tribù


(traib) noun
1. a race of people, or a family, who are all descended from the same ancestor. the tribes of Israel.
2. a group of families, especially of a primitive or wandering people, ruled by a chief. the desert tribes of Africa.
ˈtribal adjective
of a tribe or tribes. tribal lands/customs; the tribal system.
ˈtribesman (ˈtraibz-) noun
a man who belongs to a tribe. an African tribesman.
References in classic literature ?
Quickly he learned their simple speech, their native customs, and the ethics of their wild, primitive tribal life.
Not alone, had Ngurn informed him, was the Red One more bestial powerful than the neighbour tribal gods, ever athirst for the red blood of living human sacrifices, but the neighbour gods themselves were sacrificed and tormented before him.
Taking advantage of the tribal war, the Mahars had gathered their Sagoths in force and fallen upon one tribe after another in rapid succession, wreaking awful havoc among them and reducing them for the most part to as pitiable a state of terror as that from which we had raised them.
The request may be anything from a human life to a tribal alliance, and no Fijian is so dead to honor as to deny the request when once the tooth has been accepted.
"No," I said, seeing that he referred to the petty tribal wars of his little island, "I mean the Great War, the war with Germany.
"Ah," thought Akut, "The Killer has taken a mate," and so, obedient to the tribal laws of his kind, he left them alone, becoming suddenly absorbed in a fuzzy caterpillar of peculiarly succulent appearance.
Packed in the family landau they rolled from one tribal doorstep to another, and Archer, when the afternoon's round was over, parted from his betrothed with the feeling that he had been shown off like a wild animal cunningly trapped.
"Make no sound," he cautioned in the man's own tribal dialect as he released his hold upon the other's throat.
He despatched a messenger to rout out Kama, his dog-driver--a Tananaw Indian, far-wandered from his tribal home in the service of the invading whites.
After these amenities, the white master and the black talked of many things, the one bluffing with the white-man's superiority of intellect and knowledge, the other feeling and guessing, primitive statesman that he was, in an effort to ascertain the balance of human and political forces that bore upon his Su'u territory, ten miles square, bounded by the sea and by landward lines of an inter- tribal warfare that was older than the oldest Su'u myth.
"Page one hundred and twenty-six: 'The cycle of class struggles which began with the dissolution of rude, tribal communism and the rise of private property will end with the passing of private property in the means of social existence.'"
Momaya, Tibo's mother, grief-stricken at the loss of her boy, had consulted the tribal witch-doctor, but to no avail.