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1. Containing three univalent basic atoms or groups per molecule. Used of a base or salt. Na3PO4 is an example of a tribasic salt.
2. Triprotic.


1. (Chemistry) (of an acid) containing three replaceable hydrogen atoms in the molecule
2. (Chemistry) (of a molecule) containing three monovalent basic atoms or groups in the molecule


(traɪˈbeɪ sɪk)

(of an acid) having three atoms of hydrogen replaceable by basic atoms or groups.
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12] Humic acid is a mixture of many different acids that contain carboxyl and phenolate groups which behave functionally as dibasic, and sometimes tribasic, acids.
Lead-based stabilizers such as tribasic lead sulfate and lead stearates continue to be widely used in PVC products (Jennings & Starnes, 2005).
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Triglycerides are esters of glycerol tribasic alcohol, in the blood their bound to lipoproteins.
Whereas the rigid pipe and sheet compounds were prepared as un-plasticized PVC category containing different fillers/stabilizers like tribasic lead sulphate (6 phr), lead stearate (1 phr), glyceryl monostearate (0.
At one time, it was common practice to tank mix DDT (Dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane) with a variety of chemicals, such as toxaphene, methyl parathion, a wetting agent, a sticker, maneb (manganese ethylene bisdithiocarbamate), tribasic copper sulfate, streptomycin, wettable sulfur, urea LB (Lo-Biuret Urea), epsom salt, magnesium sulfate, potassium nitrate, manganese sulfate, Solubor (boron), sodium molybdate, Foam Buster, molasses, and Cygon (dimethoate).