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 (trī-bŏl′ə-jē, trĭb-)
The science of the mechanisms of friction, lubrication, and wear of interacting surfaces that are in relative motion.

[Greek tribos, a rubbing; see triboelectricity + -logy.]

tri′bo·log′i·cal (trī′bə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl, trĭb′ə-) adj.
tri·bol′o·gist n.
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(General Engineering) relating to tribology
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Volume 18 of the ASM handbook series provides professional insight on the tribological properties of materials, methods of laboratory testing and analysis, the materials selection process, and field diagnosis of tribology problems.
An increased interest in using PAs in tribological application is due to its high mechanical strength and structural integrity.
The main tribological surface characteristics influencing the speed regularity of USM in steady regimen are macro- and microasperities and friction coefficient fluctuations between rotor surface and friction element.
"It can replace even high-temperature polymers in tribological applications.
Graphene has recently attracted extensive attention because of its excellent properties, such as high thermal conductivity, high young's modulus, large specific surface area, and outstanding tribological properties [1-4].
[11] investigated tribological properties of POM composites with short aramid fiber (ASF) and PTFE.
Their topics include the energy absorption of polymer composite materials reinforced with natural fiber for automotive crashworthiness, biosourced thermosets for lignocellulosic composites, nano-carbon/polymer composites for electromagnetic shielding: structural mechanical and field emission applications, waterborne thermosetting polyurethane composites, and the tribological performance of polymeric composites based on natural fibers.