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Of or being a legislature composed of three chambers.

[tri- + Latin camera, chamber; see camera + -al.]


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) consisting of three parts
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) parliament (in South Africa between 1984 and 1994) relating to a parliamentary structure of three chambers representing Asian, white and coloured people
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s) tricameral cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators - 2 lots - description in the lots section and in the tender specification.
within a tricameral legislature, more likely to reflect the values of
TAC de craneo simple: ventriculomegalia tricameral con edema transependimario por compresion del IV ventriculo por lesion expansiva del angulo pontocerebeloso derecho, ademas en la imagen D se evidencia lesion expansiva en atrio ventricular derecho con marcada captacion del medio de contraste.
In 2007, for example, Senator Aurelien Gill sponsored the introduction of Assembly of the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada Act, which would have established a tricameral assembly, consisting of separate chambers for First Nations, Inuit, and Metis.
Se logro un aumento de la eficiencia de las policias y las aduanas, que en vez de perder su tiempo con los usuarios, han dedicado su atencion hacia las organizaciones criminales y ha estrechado la colaboracion con las organizaciones internacionales", indico, Joao Gulao, presidente del Consejo de Administracion del Observatorio de Drogas, durante el Foro tricameral "De la prohibicion a la regulacion, nuevos enfoques en politica de drogas" de 2013.
226) Lawmaking had gone from a unicameral process to something of a tricameral one.
That year, the apartheid government attempted to invest its system of governance with the appearance of legitimacy through its introduction of a Tricameral Parliament, which gave Colored and Indian groups some representation but excluded black Africans.
Crawley suggests using a special tricameral device, as follows: the animal is placed in the central compartment (1), so that it is given the choice of whether to interact (2) or not (3) with an unknown animal placed into one of the two lateral compartments (6), as it can be seen in figure 3.
Rather than the rapid and straightforward transition to a reserved powers model of primary legislative devolution proposed by Richard, the 2006 Act created a complex, two stage process for enhancing the Assembly's legislative competence (Osmond, 2008), arguably resulting in the brief existence of a tricameral legislative system in Wales.
In 1983, the government tried to pacify the Indian and Colored groups by introducing the Tricameral Parliament: with the House of Assembly exclusively Whites; the House of Representatives with Coloreds; and the House of Delegates for the Indian representatives.
One of the unfortunate features of our political system is the extent to which the presidential veto has turned us into a tricameral, rather than a bicameral system.
Un parlement bicameral a donc ete institue en remplacement du systeme tricameral alors existant, dont les trois composantes etaient separees selon des criteres raciaux et ethniques.