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Of or being a legislature composed of three chambers.

[tri- + Latin camera, chamber; see camera + -al.]
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1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) consisting of three parts
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) parliament (in South Africa between 1984 and 1994) relating to a parliamentary structure of three chambers representing Asian, white and coloured people
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De ahi que la Constitucion Politica del Estado de 1826, haciendo plenamente suya la idea bolivariana, acogia un poder legislativo tricameral. La Camara de Censores, una de sus camaras, asumia la facultad de velar si el Gobierno cumplia y hacia cumplir la Constitucion, las leyes y los tratados publicos, debiendo acusar ante el Senado las infracciones que el Ejecutivo hiciera tanto de la Constitucion como de las leyes y los tratados publicos.
within a tricameral legislature, more likely to reflect the values of
In 2007, for example, Senator Aurelien Gill sponsored the introduction of Assembly of the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada Act, which would have established a tricameral assembly, consisting of separate chambers for First Nations, Inuit, and Metis.
(226) Lawmaking had gone from a unicameral process to something of a tricameral one.
That year, the apartheid government attempted to invest its system of governance with the appearance of legitimacy through its introduction of a Tricameral Parliament, which gave Colored and Indian groups some representation but excluded black Africans.
Crawley suggests using a special tricameral device, as follows: the animal is placed in the central compartment (1), so that it is given the choice of whether to interact (2) or not (3) with an unknown animal placed into one of the two lateral compartments (6), as it can be seen in figure 3.
presidential veto that with some frequency turns us into a tricameral
Rather than the rapid and straightforward transition to a reserved powers model of primary legislative devolution proposed by Richard, the 2006 Act created a complex, two stage process for enhancing the Assembly's legislative competence (Osmond, 2008), arguably resulting in the brief existence of a tricameral legislative system in Wales.