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A tercentenary event or celebration.
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Adj.1.tricentennial - of or relating to or completing a period of 300 years
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In its tricentennial year, Give It A Name, a group of creative collaborators with backgrounds in theatre, animation, music, and games design, is re-examinining this famous tale as a hypnotic evocation of solitude, delving deep into the fantasy of the island, the violence of colonisation and the act of reading.
It was originally supposed to be completed in time for the city's tricentennial in 2018.
It is not, however, quite clear what the New Orleans setting added to appreciation of the legendary Orleans collection, which has no connection with Louisiana, beyond a canny piece of marketing for the city's tricentennial celebrations.
And though the city's Tricentennial celebration is winding down, the next three hundred years of stories have only just begun.
American Airlines Cargo transported priceless Spanish works of art from around the world for display at the San Antonio Museum of Art for the city's tricentennial celebration.
SAN ANTONIO -- Spain's King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia were in San Antonio on Sunday to celebrate the city's tricentennial and its roots as a Spanish colonial village.
With 2018 marking San Antonio's tricentennial, the health agency used NPHW to highlight public health's long history in the Texas city.
how can I help," Hofstetter says, adding that the agency replaced a more traditional ad celebrating the city's tricentennial with the letter at the last minute.
The premier gathering of CTE professionals, this year's event takes place November 28-December 1 in festive San Antonio as it celebrates its tricentennial. Submit your proposal by February 28 at
In honour of its tricentennial, there are events scheduled throughout the year.