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Noun1.trichlormethiazide - diuretic drug (trade name Naqua) used to treat hypertension
thiazide - any of a group of drugs commonly used as diuretics in the treatment of hypertension; they block the reabsorption of sodium in the kidneys
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Trichlormethiazide was initiated in combination with spironolactone and sodium restriction.
Harada, "Diuretic effects of a novel uricosuric antihypertensive S-8666 in rats, mices, monkeys and dogs: comparison with Furosemide and Trichlormethiazide," Drug Development Research, vol.
Previously, oral steroid therapy alone had been compared with placebo with favorable, short-lived results.[1] The current study compares the effectiveness of a diuretic (trichlormethiazide), a slow-release nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (tenoxicam-SR), a steroid (prednisolone), and placebo in the treatment of mild to moderate CTS.