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Noun1.Trichoptera - an order of insects consisting of caddis fliesTrichoptera - an order of insects consisting of caddis flies
animal order - the order of animals
class Hexapoda, class Insecta, Hexapoda, Insecta - insects; about five-sixths of all known animal species
caddisworm, strawworm - larva of the caddis fly; constructs a case of silk covered with sand or plant debris
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1%) except mid-morning (0800 h), where brachycentrid larvae were not present Slimy Sculpin preyed on other dipterans, trichopterans, and ephemeropterans throughout the day but at lower intensities.
As for the dipteran Simuliidae, the ephemeropterans Americabaetis and Baetodes and the trichopterans Smicridea and Hydroptila, Carvalho and Uieda (2009a) found a diet based mainly on fine particulate organic matter (FPOM), confirming the importance of the allochthonous material input as a food source for many aquatic macroinvertebrates.
The presence of dipterous larvae and filamentous green algae was evident during the dry months, while invertebrates as trichopterans, plecopterans, copepods and ostracods occurred during the rainy months.
This study provides an update to the endemic biota of Arkansas by adding 19 species to the state list, including two fungi, three gastropods, one araneid, two opilionids, two pseudoscorpions, one diplopod, three collembolans, two trichopterans, one coleopteran, one dipteran and one hymenopteran.
The biomass proportions of trichopterans and hirudineans were also high reaching 8-26% and 5-31% at the studied distances (Fig.
In Missouri and Indiana, lepidopterans were most important in the diet, followed by coleopterans, trichopterans, and dipterans (Brack and Whitaker 2001).