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n. pl. tri·chot·o·mies
1. Division into three parts or elements.
2. A system based on three parts or elements, especially the theological description of humans as consisting of body, soul, and spirit.

[New Latin trichotomia : Greek trikha, in three parts; see trei- in Indo-European roots + New Latin -tomia, -tomy.]

tri·chot′o·mous adj.
tri·chot′o·mous·ly adv.
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(4.) As robustness checks against alternative operationalization of control variables, the Supplementary Material reports the findings that employ both the continuous and trichotomous measures of democracy based on the Polity IV data.
Marple, "[PM.sub.10]/[PM.sub.2.5]/[PM.sub.1] data from a trichotomous sampler," Aerosol Science and Technology, vol.
He further said that the government is disruption the trichotomous force.
Therefore, they proposed the concept of "approach-avoidance" and further divided the performance goal orientation into "performance-approach" and "performance-avoidance" to form a trichotomous achievement-goal framework with the existing mastery goal.
Based on the numbers of publicly available physician quality reports and the included measures for specific chronic conditions (Table 1), we construct an ordered trichotomous measure for each respondent for each time: PQI not available=0; PQI available but not applicable= 1; and PQI both available and applicable=2.
Understandings of human nature that are constituted by two or three substantive entities can be termed 'dichotomous' and 'trichotomous' respectively.
Later, the distinction of approach and avoidance achievement goals has been added to the model, rendering a trichotomous goal framework as a mastery goal, a performance-approach goal, and a performance-avoidance goal (Elliot & Harackiewicz, 1996).
Accordingly, each division is trichotomous. For example, the sign as related to its object (the second of the three divisions) may be similar to, may be existentially connected with, or may be referred by means of a law to, its object;
Furthermore, the well-known telegraph noise, such as dichotomous noise (DN) and trichotomous noise that are widely used in the studied of SR phenomena, is a special case of bounded noise.
The trichotomous achievement goal model and intrinsic motivation: a sequential mediational analysis.
Using this information, the following trichotomous variables were created: "non-IDU," "recent IDU" (if the participant had injected drugs in the year prior to study entry), and "remote IDU" (if the participant reported IDU but claimed additionally that such use had not taken place in the year prior to study enrollment).