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n. pl. tri·chot·o·mies
1. Division into three parts or elements.
2. A system based on three parts or elements, especially the theological description of humans as consisting of body, soul, and spirit.

[New Latin trichotomia : Greek trikha, in three parts; see trei- in Indo-European roots + New Latin -tomia, -tomy.]

tri·chot′o·mous adj.
tri·chot′o·mous·ly adv.
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n, pl -mies
1. division into three categories
2. (Theology) theol the division of man into body, spirit, and soul
[C17: probably from New Latin trichotomia, from Greek trikhotomein to divide into three, from trikha triple + temnein to cut]
trichotomic, triˈchotomous adj
triˈchotomously adv
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(trɪˈkɒt ə mi)

n., pl. -mies.
division into three parts, classes, elements, etc.
[1600–10; < New Latin trichotomia < Greek trích(a) in three parts + -o- -o- + New Latin -tomia -tomy]
trich•o•tom•ic (ˌtrɪk əˈtɒm ɪk) tri•chot′o•mous, adj.
tri•chot′o•mous•ly, adv.
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division into three parts, especially the theological division of man’s nature into the body, the soul, and the spirit. — trichotomic, trichotomous. adj.
See also: Theology
division into three parts, especially the theological division of man’s nature into the body, the soul, and the spirit. — trichotomic, trichtomous, adj.
See also: Classification
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Noun1.trichotomy - being threefold; a classification into three parts or subclasses
categorisation, categorization, classification - a group of people or things arranged by class or category
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'It will amount to violating the concept of trichotomy of power which forms one of the bases of the Constitution,' said PPP Senator and former chairman of the upper house of parliament Raza Rabbani in a statement on Wednesday.
'Any interference by the executive to change, alter or tinker with the said rules will be an attempt to trespass into the domain of another institution created and functioning under the constitution.' It will amount to violating the concept of trichotomy of power which forms one of the bases of the constitution of 1973, he said.
The words in order are STAGE, DRAW, PICK, CHIP, SHORT, FOOD, TURN, WORLD, MASS, CYCLE spelling TRICHOTOMY Yesterday's solution: Yesterday's solution: If the number in each circle is the sum of the two below it, how quickly can you work out each top number?
The Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) has repeatedly urged the SC to restrain or regulate its suo motu powers, noting that "The SC should suitably amend the Supreme Court Rules (1980) to regulate and structure the parameters of the exercise of suo motu powers, and a special bench of the court should be constituted to hear suo motu cases." To strengthen the constitutional balance of power in Pakistan, the PBC believes that the top court should exercise its authority under Article 184-3 sparingly in order to "maintain the principle of trichotomy of powers." There are concerns that, because of the top court's active use of suo motu powers by ex-CJPs Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and Mian Saqib Nisar, this balance tilted too far in the direction of a politically unaccountable judiciary.
There is a trichotomy of powers in the Constitutional scheme of things, which must be accepted with open heart and adhered to by all pillars of the state; otherwise the state cannot function as it should.
The law minister opposed the bill calling it against the principle of trichotomy of powers as provided by the constitutional scheme.
A bill like this is against the principle of trichotomy of powers.'
He informed them about the trichotomy of power in Pakistan and discussed different tiers of governance in the country.
The Chief Justice has stressed that this was not true and has also said that the judiciary was an important pillar of the state because trichotomy of powers was the spirit of democracy.
Largely autobiographical, the series of figurative, abstract landscapes are in hand print techniques of drypoint, rubber-cut and oil on board, to illustrate the trichotomy of the artist's family's nomadic life.
The decision carries far-reaching implications for the federal government and reinforces the principle of 'trichotomy of power' that the Supreme Court of Pakistan had enshrined in its historic August 2016 judgment.
There will be an imbalance if this organ does not work,' he said, adding 'Trichotomy of power is the spirit of democracy.'