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a. An act or procedure intended to achieve an end by deceptive or fraudulent means. See Synonyms at wile.
b. A mischievous action; a prank: likes to play tricks on the other students in the dorm.
c. A stupid, disgraceful, or childish act: Don't let the kids pull any tricks while we're gone.
a. A peculiar trait or characteristic; a mannerism: "Mimicry is the trick by which a moth or other defenseless insect comes to look like a wasp" (Marston Bates).
b. A peculiar event with unexpected, often deceptive results: "One of history's cruelest tricks is to take words that sounded good at the time and make them sound pretty stupid" (David Owen).
c. A deceptive or illusive appearance; an illusion: This painting plays tricks on the eyes.
a. A special skill; a knack: Is there a trick to getting this window to stay up?
b. A convention or specialized skill peculiar to a particular field of activity: learned the tricks of the winemaking trade.
a. A feat of magic or legerdemain.
b. A difficult, dexterous, or clever act designed to amuse: Does your dog do any tricks?
5. Games
a. All the cards played in a single round, one from each player.
b. One such round.
a. A period or turn of duty, as at the helm of a ship.
b. Slang A prison term.
7. Slang
a. An act of prostitution.
b. A prostitute's customer.
c. A session carried out by a prostitute with a client.
8. Slang A robbery or theft.
tr. & intr.v. tricked, trick·ing, tricks
To cheat or deceive or to practice trickery or deception.
1. Of, relating to, or involving tricks.
2. Capable of performing tricks: a trick dog.
3. Designed or made for doing a trick or tricks: trick cards; trick dice.
4. Weak, defective, or liable to fail: a trick knee.
Phrasal Verb:
trick out (or up) Informal
To ornament or adorn, often garishly: was all tricked out in beads and fringe.
do/turn the trick
To bring about the desired result.
how's tricks Informal
Used to make a friendly inquiry about a person or that person's affairs.
not miss a trick
To be extremely alert: The teacher was known for not missing a trick.

[Middle English trik, from Old North French trique, from trikier, to deceive, probably from Vulgar Latin *triccāre, from Latin trīcārī, to play tricks, from trīcae, tricks.]

trick′er n.
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Noun1.tricker - someone who plays practical jokes on otherstricker - someone who plays practical jokes on others
bad hat, mischief-maker, trouble maker, troublemaker, troubler - someone who deliberately stirs up trouble
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Tricker somehow pushed away Tom Webb's closerange flick but could do nothing to prevent City extending the lead with two goals in the four minutes before the break.
Paul Campbell's shot broke the deadlock in the 75th minute and, though Banbury keeper Simon Tricker saved Roy Guiver's penalty a minute later, the Brickies raced away with the points with further strikes from Sammy Okafor, Tyron King and John Ayling.
David and Hazel Tricker, who set up a conservatory and greenhouse display centre at their home at Rhostrehwfa on the outskirts of Llangefni, Anglesey, owe pounds 40,000 in mortgage arrears and have been served with a repossession order.
ANOTHER person who gave outstanding service to our city during war- time was Ralph Tricker, who was a member of the Royal Observer Corps.
In ``Marvin and Mel,'' George Tricker and Neil Rosen - themselves veteran television writers - blow the whistle on age discrimination.
Harry Tricker, a winner of two starts over fences for Gary Moore and Gandalfe, a stablemate of Starluck, complete the field.
Race specialist Gary Moore has left in Harry Tricker, Numide and First Avenue with Jonjo O'Neill's Get Me Out Of Here and Alan King's Manyriverstocross other interesting contenders.
On 79 minutes after a mistake by Tricker leaving his goal Richard Woodrow lobbed into the empty goal.
But the keeper, called up for appendicitis victim Simon Tricker, had little chance with any of the goals from Darren Adams (24 and 79 mins) and Ram Marwa (65) and rescued his side with excellent stops to twice deny Martin Neufville.
David and Hazel Tricker have fought Anglesey council for 10 years for the fight to set up a conservatory and greenhouse display centre.
Linda Clark, of Wyley Road, Radford, Coventry, daughter of Mr and Mrs A Clark, and Richard Tricker, of Wyley Road, Radford, Coventry, son of Mr and Mrs D Tricker, at St Nicholas Church, Radford, Coventry.
The play was written by (and is based on the experiences of) two men who have spent their careers writing for TV - George Tricker, a lifelong Valley resident, and Neil Rosen.