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adj. trick·i·er, trick·i·est
1. Given to or characterized by trickery.
2. Requiring caution or skill: a tricky recipe.

trick′i·ly adv.
trick′i·ness n.
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Noun1.trickiness - the quality of being a slippery rascaltrickiness - the quality of being a slippery rascal
dishonesty - the quality of being dishonest
2.trickiness - the quality of requiring skill or caution; "these puzzles are famous for their trickiness"
complexity, complexness - the quality of being intricate and compounded; "he enjoyed the complexity of modern computers"
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إحْتِيال، خِداع


(= difficulty)Schwierigkeit f; (= fiddliness)Kniffligkeit f
(of situation)Schwierigkeit f, → Kitzligkeit f (inf); the trickiness of the present industrial situation …die heikle or kitzlige (inf)augenblickliche Lage in der Industrie
(= slyness)Durchtriebenheit f, → Gerissenheit f
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(trik) noun
1. something which is done, said etc in order to cheat or deceive someone, and sometimes to frighten them or make them appear stupid. The message was just a trick to get her to leave the room.
2. a clever or skilful action (to amuse etc). The magician performed some clever tricks.
intended to deceive or give a certain illusion. trick photography.
ˈtrickery noun
the act of deceiving or cheating. She could not stand his trickery.
ˈtrickster noun
a cheater.
ˈtricky adjective
difficult. a tricky problem/job; a tricky person to deal with.
ˈtrickily adverb
ˈtrickiness noun
ˈtrick question noun
a question that is likely to mislead a person.
do the trick
to do or be what is necessary. I need a piece of paper. This old envelope will do the trick!
play a trick / tricks on
to do something which is amusing to oneself because it deceives or frightens (someone else), or makes them appear stupid. He played a trick on her by jumping out from behind a wall as she passed.
a trick of the trade
one of the ways of being successful in a job etc. Remembering the customers' names is one of the tricks of the trade.
trick or treat!
an expression used by children on Halloween to ``threaten'' people that they will do annoying tricks if they do not get sweets or small presents.
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Yes, it'll take a scoop out of your precious time--but the rewards you'll reap (like less stress, better grades, more energy and a sunnier outlook) far outweigh the trickiness of cramming yet another to-do onto your calendar.
Despite the trickiness of coordinating two weddings on the same day, Ella said she "wouldn't change it for the world" and would recommend it to others.
In essence, when they were able to make sense of some of the errors their children were making, parents noted their children's errors were the result of the language's trickiness and not the fault of the children," she reported
That the leadership was unable to get the party's unreserved backing to its key economic policy speaks volumes about the trickiness of the issue.
Web security firm Kaspersky, in a blog post, detailed the trickiness of the situation.
It is because of this trickiness, we often come across the phrase "lost in translation." However, while reading these short stories in Balochi, we hardly feel they have been rendered from any other language.
But the trickiness comes when it is not actually clear whether what the employee has submitted amounts to a resignation or not.
Months of throwing on a comfy sun dress and nearly wearing a sarong to the office because it's 42 degrees on the bus, give way to the trickiness of a day that could contain any variation of climates and conditions.
Amanda's comments suggest the trickiness of what constitutes success in the indigent defense context.
Its trickiness means hotel chefs and home cooks alike pride themselves on their ability to get it right.