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Characterized by or tending to use tricks or trickery.

trick′ish·ly adv.
trick′ish·ness n.
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The female condom is good for women because sometimes men are trickish.
If irony characterizes our epoch, then the trickster is our god, a play that King makes when he bases his novel about history and its effects on the punning of God and dog (2) and places his trickish narrator divinely above all.
The twenty-one titles by Olisah in my archive include some of the most profound: No Condition Is Permanent, Money Hard to Get But Easy to Spend, Man Has No Rest In His Life (Since the worm has broken into pieces, truth is not said again), About the Husband and Wife Who Hate Themselves, and Trust No-Body In Time Because Human Beins Is Trickish.