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adj. trick·si·er, trick·si·est
a. Playful or michievous: "the merry, tricksy, elfish fun of the terriers and collies that we all know" (John Muir).
b. Devious or deceptive.
2. Requiring care or skill; tricky.
3. Artfully decorated or done.
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adj, -sier or -siest
1. playing tricks habitually; mischievous
2. crafty or difficult to deal with
3. archaic well-dressed; spruce; smart
ˈtricksiness n
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(ˈtrɪk si)

adj. -si•er, -si•est.
1. given to tricks; mischievous; playful; prankish.
2. difficult to handle or deal with.
3. tricky; crafty; wily.
4. Archaic. fashionably trim; spruce; smart.
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Adj.1.tricksy - marked by skill in deception; "cunning men often pass for wise"; "deep political machinations"; "a foxy scheme"; "a slick evasive answer"; "sly as a fox"; "tricky Dick"; "a wily old attorney"
artful - marked by skill in achieving a desired end especially with cunning or craft; "the artful dodger"; "an artful choice of metaphors"
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[ˈtrɪksɪ] ADJ
1. (= playful) → juguetón
2. (= crafty) → astuto, mañoso
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References in classic literature ?
Then he remembered that it was about the time of the new moon, and if that tricksy orb was in one of its stages of visibility it had set long before.
I keenly enjoyed this subtle spirit, and the play of that brilliant intelligence which lighted up so many ways of literature with its lambent glow or its tricksy glimmer, and I had a deep sympathy with certain morbid moods and experiences so like my own, as I was pleased to fancy.
A gift, a thing I sought not, for this crown The trusty Creon, my familiar friend, Hath lain in wait to oust me and suborned This mountebank, this juggling charlatan, This tricksy beggar-priest, for gain alone Keen-eyed, but in his proper art stone-blind.
Good Luck, she is never a lady, But the cursedest quean alive, Tricksy, wincing, and jady - Kittle to lead or drive.
camera "Paul's images are tricksy things (though they rely on the minimum of technological trickery), hovering between the documentary and the painterly.
President Assad is known as a "tricksy person" who habitually reneges on commitments.
Unlike Haneke's tricksy fable, "Cherry Tree Lane" doesn't directly confront the aud about its own problematic attitude toward violence, and it's not as complex or challenging.
The curators have had to contend with CUBE'S tricksy floor plan and several changes in levels.
Despite the tangential quality of these stories they are never intentionally tricksy but rather true to a world in which mustachioed spiders are made king and spin hammocks instead of webs.
Here we have our hero, the suave British full stop (known across the pond mysteriously as a period) that carefully controls our written language--lest the trendy dashes, "tricksy" hyphens, and ellipses go wild.
The design features a couple of tricksy touches - the left-aligned navigation box can be selected to `float' as you scroll down the page - but as always such embellishments put pressure on function, and there were java-handling problems on this test.
tricksy." This is generous, but occasionally untrue.