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1. A flag having three colors.
2. also Tricolor The French flag.
adj. also tri·col·ored (-ərd)
Having three colors.
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(ˈtraɪˌkʌl ər; esp. Brit. ˈtrɪk ə lər)

1. Also, tri′col`ored;esp. Brit.,tri′col`oured. having three colors.
2. a flag with three colors, esp. the national flag of France, adopted during the French Revolution, having one vertical band each of blue, white, and red.
Also, esp. Brit.,tri′col`our.
[1780–90; < Late Latin tricolor]
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A cockade or flag adding revolutionary blue and red (to signify willingness to die) to the Bourbon dynasty’s white.
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Noun1.tricolor - a flag having three colored stripes (especially the French flag)tricolor - a flag having three colored stripes (especially the French flag)
flag - emblem usually consisting of a rectangular piece of cloth of distinctive design
France, French Republic - a republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe
Adj.1.tricolor - having or involving three colorstricolor - having or involving three colors; "trichromatic vision"; "a trichromatic printing process"; "trichromatic staining is the staining of tissue samples differentially in three colors"; "tricolor plumage"; "a tricolor process in photography"
coloured, colorful - having color or a certain color; sometimes used in combination; "colored crepe paper"; "the film was in color"; "amber-colored heads of grain"
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I have, also, reason to believe that humble-bees are indispensable to the fertilisation of the heartsease (Viola tricolor), for other bees do not visit this flower.
To him the victory of the tricolor meant the resurrection of Montagne, which this time should surely bring the nobility down to the dust by means more certain than that of the guillotine, because less violent.
Summary: Pune (Maharashtra) [India], Aug 15 (ANI): The Central Railway on Thursday greeted passengers aboard Pune Secunderabad Shatabdi Express on the 73rd Independence Day by decking up the train with tricolor and balloons.
Dallas-based Tricolor, a used vehicle retailer, has said that it has launched insurance solutions for low-income customers.
Texas' Tricolor Launches Auto Insurance Option for Low Income Consumers
tricolor was collected from the Iranian province of Khorasan in July 2013 and authenticated by the Herbarium Department, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (herbarium number: V16-2013).
Port Blair: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the historic Cellular Jail where thousands of Indian freedom fighters suffered incarceration was no less than a place of worship for him as he hoisted the Tricolor on a 150-ft-high mast.
The great symbol of the unity of the people - the tricolor flag, along with the anthem and emblem, is the official attribute of the statehood of Azerbaijan, and its history reflects the stages of development and change of homeland.
ISLAMABAD -- As the day of Independence approaching fast, stalls loaded with National flag color 'Bangles' gripping the attention of Young girls as the patriotic citizens are showcasing their love for the country through buying tricolor accessories to celebrate the day with great patriotic zeal.