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also tri·corne  (trī′kôrn′)
A hat having the brim turned up on three sides.
Having three corners, horns, or projections.

[French tricorne, from Latin tricornis, three-horned : tri-, tri- + cornū, horn; see ker- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Clothing & Fashion) a cocked hat with opposing brims turned back and caught in three places
2. (European Myth & Legend) an imaginary animal having three horns
having three horns or corners
[C18: from Latin tricornis, from tri- + cornu horn]


(ˈtraɪ kɔrn)

1. having three horns, points, or hornlike projections; three-cornered.
[1750–60; < Latin tricornis]
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Noun1.tricorn - cocked hat with the brim turned up to form three pointstricorn - cocked hat with the brim turned up to form three points
cocked hat - hat with opposing brims turned up and caught together to form points


A. ADJtricornio
B. Ntricornio m


nDreispitz m
References in classic literature ?
A tricorn trimmed with gold lace was set at a rakish angle over a wig of white curls that dropped down to his waist.
Tricorn beat EBL Athletic 4-2 and Walkers FC came away from West Bank FC with a 3-0 win.
When you start wearing those clothes every day, it just feels natural to stick on a tricorn hat, a waistcoat and boots" Poldark star Aidan Turner on his 18th century costume "Who believes any more that trade amongst the nations will lift us all out of the great evil that everyone has spoken of - poverty?
The Bauta is designed to cover the entire face, with an over-prominent nose, a projecting "chin line", and no mouth, accompanied by a red or black cape and a tricorn.
An interior triangular staircase, which can be seen in full from outside of the building, evokes the traditional tricorn hat worn by Minutemen soldiers, and is indirectly illuminated by discreet LED uplights.
12 August 2014 - UK advanced engineered components manufacturer Avingtrans Plc (LON:AVG) announced the completion of its deal to acquire local RMDG Aerospace from Tricorn Group Plc (LON:TCN).
Care provider Housing 21 has taken a 15-year lease on office space over two floors at Commercial Estates Group's (CEG) Tricorn House on the Hagley Road.
BRITAIN''S rural highways were once the haunt of the highwayman, the chap on the big horse with a pair of FLINTLOCK pistols, a masK and a tricorn hat, who would hold up the mailcoach with the shout of "Stand and deliver
On the right a comic book pirate, complete with eye patch and tricorn hat, frames a woman and a skeleton in the midst of eating lozenge-shaped objects resembling Twinkies.
These activities allowed the students to write using quill and ink, construct paper tricorn hats, and learn about the symbolic elements of the Loyalist Union and Maple Leaf flags.
Correct costume was held to be vital to the success of such photogenic occasions: the reporter sent to find Princess Pushy's kitten was instructed to equip himself in jungle khaki complete with pith helmet and butterfly net; Simon Bates was ordered to wear tricorn hat and redcoat uniform for the Calais invasion; and when a "wild bull" escaped from Cirencester market and ran amok the reporter went a-hunting dressed as the back end of a pantomime cow (the photographer, as ever, was at the sharp end).
Tom has been mad about town criers since the age of two and has been given his own tricorn hat and bell.