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A lightweight knit fabric, often of nylon, used especially for underwear.

[French, from tricoter, to knit, from Old French, to beat, run, from tricote, short thick stick, diminutive of estrique, trique, stick for leveling measures of grain, from estriquier, to strike off, of Germanic origin; see streig- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈtrɪkəʊ; ˈtriː-)
1. (Textiles) a thin rayon or nylon fabric knitted or resembling knitting, used for dresses, etc
2. (Textiles) a type of ribbed dress fabric
[C19: from French, from tricoter to knit, of unknown origin]


(ˈtri koʊ)

1. a warp-knit fabric of various natural or synthetic fibers, as silk or nylon, having fine vertical ribs on the face and horizontal ribs on the back, used esp. for garments.
2. a woolen or worsted fabric with horizontal or vertical ribbing.
[1870–75; < French: knitting, knitted fabric, sweater, derivative of tricoter to knit, Middle French (of uncertain orig.)]
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Noun1.tricot - a knitted fabric or one resembling knittingtricot - a knitted fabric or one resembling knitting
knit - a fabric made by knitting


n (Tex) → Trikot m
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Let the reader imagine in fact, on the rich seat of Cordova leather, two crooked knees, two thin thighs, poorly clad in black worsted tricot, a body enveloped in a cloak of fustian, with fur trimming of which more leather than hair was visible; lastly, to crown all, a greasy old hat of the worst sort of black cloth, bordered with a circular string of leaden figures.
The lower portion of the harness is made of soft, quiet, water-resistant tricot "smart" fabrics and features two zippered security pockets, two hand-warmer pockets and two deep-well pockets that provide plenty of storage space.
Combat Backpack: This pack, with a load capacity of 35 liters, offers two large main compartments, side entry, 17” laptop compartment, tricot lined sunglass and audio pocket, side entry passport stash pocket, and ergonomic and padded straps and panels for enhanced comfort.
GET your rocks off with pieces from our new favourite Scandinavian fashion emporium Gina Tricot.
Nonwovens dominates this application, comprising about 68% of ceiling material while tricot represents 27% and the remaining hold a 5% share.
He said the truth had been hidden from senior civil servant M Bernard Tricot, whose report concluded on August 26 that French agents had been sent to New Zealand only to spy on Greenpeace's campaign against French nuclear tests in the Pacific.
Damascus, (SANA) -- Around 29 centers for rural development spread across the Syrian cities specialized in giving training courses to women in tricot and sewing, hairdressing, drying medical herbs and improving domestic food industries.
Crochet and tricot is no longer just a hobby for Amal Abdulla after she decided to turn her favourite pass-time into a business with the help of Micro-finance.
It contains Thermore insulation, a mesh moisture barrier between the outer shell and brushed tricot lining, water-resistant laminated cuffs, handwarmer pockets, adjustable hood, water-resistant zipper, inside security pocket, and internal waist drawcord.
The friction-free tricot backing improves resident mobility, while the polyethylene stiffener prevents the boot from buckling while in use.
For example, a two-layer Gore-Tex ski jacket, with detachable hood, brushed tricot and taffeta lining and snow skirt, sells for less than half price at pounds 99.