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1. Occurring every third year.
2. Lasting three years.
1. A third anniversary.
2. A ceremony or celebration occurring every three years.

[From Latin triennis, from triennium, triennium; see triennium.]

tri·en′ni·al·ly adv.


[traɪˈenɪəlɪ] ADVtrienalmente, cada tres años


advalle drei Jahre, dreijährlich
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Yet we find not only this express exception, with respect to the members of the irferior courts, but that the chief magistrate, with his executive council, are appointable by the legislature; that two members of the latter are triennially displaced at the pleasure of the legislature; and that all the principal offices, both executive and judiciary, are filled by the same department.
carpetweeds * crewes apted spallations * saltos plain stoicalness socles tians triennially * tinily renal
In addition, the triennially inspected auditors with deficiency reports voluntarily quit auditing publically traded companies and terminated their registration with the PCAOB.
Expoquimia is a multidisciplinary event held triennially in which the industry, professional associations, governments and academia come together to discuss future opportunities and challenges in industrial chemistry and biotechnology.
I should say that for the smaller firms, the ones that we look at triennially, 49% had no Part 1 deficiencies--so there's a lot of good news with the small firms as well.
It is held triennially at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada, USA.
The 2012-13 National Survey of First-Year Seminars, a triennially published report currently in its ninth iteration, indicates that 24.
The "Historic Michigan Travel Guide" is produced triennially.
This is adjusted triennially for cost of living and is now $1,245,475.
The first OBBS was organized in 2002, and the last one in 2008 triennially, and detailed reports were prepared after these examinations, as in the PISA exams.
3) The SCF is a nationally representative survey of households conducted triennially by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System to gather comprehensive information on household assets, liabilities, income, and credit market experiences.