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n. pl. tri·er·ar·chies
1. The authority or office of the commander of a trierarch.
2. The ancient Athenian system whereby individual citizens furnished and maintained triremes as a part of their public duty.


n, pl -chies
1. (Historical Terms) the responsibility for fitting out a state trireme, esp in Athens
2. (Historical Terms) the office of a trierarch
3. (Historical Terms) trierarchs collectively


(ˈtraɪ əˌrɑr ki)

n., pl. -chies. (in ancient Greece)
1. the office of a trierarch.
2. (in Athens) the civic duty of fitting out or furnishing triremes.
[1830–40; < Greek triērarchía. See trierarch, -y3]


an ancient Athenian policy allowing private citizens, as part of their civic duty, to fit out triremes for the defense of the city.
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The obligations came in two basic forms; festival liturgies and trierarchies.
88) On Gabrielsen's assumption of sixty trierarchies taking place each year, at least 60T of private cash would have been put into circulation along with 60T of public subvention.
I pay many large war levies, perform many trierarchies, act munificently as choregos, lend money interest-free to many.
Apollodoros was himself a wealthy man, as shown by his assumption of trierarchies in the 360s.