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The apparent anomaly was explained by Tote spokesman Paul Petrie, who said: "Each Saturday there is a rollover trifecta race and all the money not won during the week on trifectas is carried over into the race.
The punter had invested $100 in Derby exactas and trifectas, only to misplace what would become a winning trifecta ticket worth $864,253 (about pounds 463,000) before Uncle Sam took his bite.
In the Rainbow Nation they have the technology to let people bet trifectas every race, and they use it.
Trifectas can be placed through any bookmaker with Tote Direct, through Tote Credit and through Tote windows at every racecourse
Therefore each day there are several Trifectas that are not won and the dividend from each is carried forward to a single race the next day.
Rob Hartnett, the firm's PR director, said: "We were delighted with the response last week, when pounds 284,000 was staked on the Ascot Trifectas.