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Co-Founder and President, Eli Triff, a local entrepreneur committed to a "complete" job seeker experience across all industries declared, "This is not another business set up to capitalize on a booming industry while providing an average level of service.
But just seven minutes later Merthyr doubled their lead from the penalty spot after former Cardiff City striker Fleetwood was fouled by Daniel Triff.
But, just seven minutes later Merthyr doubled their lead from the penalty spot after Stuart Fleetwood was fouled by Daniel Triff and Referee Neil Morrison didn't hesitate to award the penalty which Fleetwood converted.
In fact, the attempted break-in leads Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and his team to investigate one of the house's previous tenant -- a homicidal maniac named Paul Triff (French Stewart).
1-a Histopathology: Five micron thick paraffin embedded sections stained with Trichrome modified Fite-Faraco (TRIFF) were examined for acid-fast bacilli (AFB), the characteristics of the granuloma and used for leprosy classification using the Ridley-Jopling scale.
El componente cultural en las ayudas del gobierno de EEUU en apoyo a la SC, tambien con el objetivo de promover un cambio, tema sumamente complejo, es examinado por Triff (2005).
Descriptions like "unmentionables", "offensive, intrusive, and irritating advertising", "socially sensitive products", "decent products", "acceptable advertising" and "advertising ethics" were used to understand the subject matter (Bartos, 1981; Wilson and West, 1981; Aaker and Bruzzone, 1985; Rehman and Brooks, 1987; Triff et al., 1987; Shao and Hill, 1994; Fahy et al., 1995; Waller, 1999; Phau and Prendergast, 2001; Li et al., 2002).
Instead we had Dougray Scott as a triff Triffid expert and Joely Richardson as his sidekick.
The Scots star was working with Joely on the new BBC adaptation of The Day Of The Triff ids when Natasha was killed in a skiing accident in March.
Hannah Robbins, Pinsent Masons, Jo Marritt and Triff Simcox, AF Blakemore & Son Ltd