trifle away

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Verb1.trifle away - spend wastefullytrifle away - spend wastefully; "wanton one's money away"
expend, spend, drop - pay out; "spend money"


1. Something or things that are unimportant:
2. A small showy article:
1. To treat lightly or flippantly:
2. To move one's fingers or hands in a nervous or aimless fashion:
3. To make amorous advances without serious intentions:
phrasal verb
trifle away
1. To pass (time) without working or in avoiding work:
dawdle (away), fiddle away, idle (away), kill, waste, while (away), wile (away).
2. To spend (money) excessively and usually foolishly:
Slang: blow.

w>trifle away

vt sepvergeuden
References in classic literature ?
"There are more cafes in Paris than one, at which to trifle away an idle hour."
Just as I got into the woods, he came up and told me to stop my cart, and that he would teach me how to trifle away my time, and break gates.