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trifoliolate leaf


Having three leaflets, as a leaf of clover.


(traɪˈfoʊ li əˌleɪt)

(of a compound leaf) having three leaflets.
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Adj.1.trifoliolate - (of a leaf shape) having three leaflets
compound - composed of more than one part; "compound leaves are composed of several lobes; "compound flower heads"
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A 0-5 scale was used, as follows: 0 = no wilt symptoms; 1 = wilt on one of the primary leaves; 2 = wilt on both primary leaves but not on the first trifoliolate leaf; 3 = wilt on the first trifoliolate leaf; 4 = death of the seedling after wilt development on the primary leaves and 5 = unmerged seedling or death of seedling before wilt development on the primary leaves.
The plants were harvested after the appearance of 6-7 trifoliolate leaves (between 6-8weeks after planting).
2010 Anthesis 01 May 2010 Beginning grain filling 20 May 2010 Physiological maturity Soybean 02 July 2010 21 g N, 16 g P, 21 kg K per OTC 06 July 2010 Emergence 11 July 2010 First trifoliolate 06 Aug.
Pinnately compound trifoliolate leaves are alternately attached to the stem, which terminates in a meristem.
leaves: simple, trifoliolate, palmate, pinnate, bipinnate or tripinnate.
1991) or from an unexpanded trifoliolate leaf with a modified CTAB procedure of Keim et al.
Four pairs of trifoliolate leaves were selected near the centre of each plant, comprising two pairs that showed no signs of disease and two pairs that demonstrated a low level of disease severity (the minimum level according to the diagrammatic scale proposed by GODOY et al.
A composite leaf tissue sample (approximately 50 mg) was collected from the first emerging trifoliolate leaves from four plants of each RIL and the parents for both mapping populations.
The Xcp isolate SITA659 was inoculated in the first trifoliolate leaf using the multiple-needle technique (Singh and Munoz, 1999).
Genomic DNA was extracted by CTAB method (Murray and Thompson, 1980) from trifoliolate leaves of To7B (TT), Karafuto-1 (landrace of Sakhalin, TT), Moshidou Gong 503 (Chinese forage cultivar, TT), Clark (U.