(trī′fôrmd′) also tri·form (-fôrm′)
Having three different forms or parts.
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formal three-form
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also tri′formed`,

formed of three parts; in three divisions.
[1400–50; < Latin triformis. See tri-, -form]
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Look downward on that Globe whose hither side With light from hence, though but reflected, shines; That place is Earth the seat of Man, that light His day, which else as th' other Hemisphere Night would invade, but there the neighbouring Moon (So call that opposite fair Starr) her aide Timely interposes, and her monthly round Still ending, still renewing, through mid Heav'n; With borrowd light her countenance triform Hence fills and empties to enlighten th' Earth, And in her pale dominion checks the night.
Singleton writes, "The witch symbolizes the triform love that is purged (is wept for) on the three terraces of upper Purgatory" (Purgatorio 455, n.
launched a new retail image in late August, featuring a predominately red triform design on the retail canopy, pump and quick lube building.
The Venetian style ornament - each piece is cast with a male and female satyr surmounted by urns decorated with four winged herms - and triform bases heavily cast with baroque scrolls and oval cartouches have nothing in common with Chinese taste.
To my crown indeed with shoulders be a helmet of safety to my head, forehead, eyes, and triform brain, nose, lip, face, temple, chin, beard, eyebrows, ears, cheeks, (?)lower part of the cheeks [(?) lips], septum, nostrils, pupils, irises, eyelids, (and) the like, gums, breath, jaws and gullet, teeth, tongue, mouth, uvula, throat, larynx and epiglottis, neck, (?)the core of my head, gristle; to my neck be kind with protection.]
A William IV rosewood writing table on an octagonal tapering column, the triform base with scrolled terminals, was typical of the restrained elegance favoured by this dealer, selling on the day for pounds 600.
(2.) 29 USC [section]1102(a)(1) ("Every employee benefit plan shall be established and maintained pursuant to a written instrument."); 29 USC [section]1102(b)(4) (every employee benefit plan shall "specify the basis on which payments are made to and from the plan."); Saret v Triform Corp, 662 F Supp 312, 316 (ND Ill 1986) ("The writing requirement is a central feature of ERISA, not a mere technicality.
So puzzling was the observation that Galileo kept it secret while he made further studies, circulating the finding to his patrons only in a Latin anagram: "Smais int milmep oct ale umibunen ugttauir as" Unscrambled and translated into English, the anagram reads: "I have observed the highest planet in triform."
17) What word did receivers use to describe the collapse of Birmingham toolmaking company Triform Precision Technology?
[107] A triform conception is fundamental w ith Hecate represented as having three faces and three bodies to symbolize the three forms of Diana.
Triform Precision Technology, which employs 36 people at its factory in Old Walsall Road, Great Barr, has run up debts of about pounds 1 million despite having a healthy order book.