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 (trī-fûr′kĭt, -kāt′, trī′fər-kāt′) also tri·fur·cat·ed (trī′fər-kā′tĭd)
Having three forks or branches: trifurcate antennae.

tri′fur·ca′tion n.
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(ˈtraɪfɜːkɪt; -ˌkeɪt) or


having three branches or forks
[from Latin trifurcus, from tri- + furca a fork]
ˌtrifurˈcation n
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(traɪˈfɜr keɪt, ˈtraɪ fərˌkeɪt; adj. also -kɪt)

v. -cat•ed, -cat•ing,
adj. v.i.
1. to divide into three forks or branches.
2. Also, tri•fur′cat•ed. divided into three forks or branches.
tri`fur•ca′tion, n.
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Verb1.trifurcate - divide into threetrifurcate - divide into three; "The road trifurcates at the bridge"
furcate, branch, fork, ramify, separate - divide into two or more branches so as to form a fork; "The road forks"
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Earlier in the day, coming out of an all-party meet in IOK earlier in the day, Farooq Abdullah said that regional leaders would meet Indian President Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi to apprise them about the consequences of any attempt to abrogate Article 370 and Article 35A of the Constitution, or carry out delimitation of constituencies or trifurcating the state.
There are fourteen appeals pending before the top court against the 2010 Allahabad High Court judgement trifurcating the disputed site at Ayodhya into three parts for Ram Lalla, Nirmohi Akhara and the original Muslim litigant.
IANS New Delhi The much awaited hearing on a batch of cross petitions challenging the 2010 Allahabad High Court verdict trifurcating the disputed site scheduled for January 29 will not take place due to the non-availability of Justice SA Bobde -- one of the five judges in the reconstituted bench.
The top Court had on Monday adjourned till January the hearing on a batch of pleas challenging Allahabad High Court's (HC) judgement trifurcating the disputed site at Ayodhya into three parts, for Ram Lalla (infant Lord Ram), Nirmohi Akhara and Sunni Waqf Board.
Earlier with the unified MCD, the mayor could challenge the chief minister, the then Congress government had diluted the power of the mayor by trifurcating the MCD.
It has been decided in a secret huddle of top Hindutva ideologues that the BJP, if voted to power with a thumping majority, will not only bring a motion in Legislative Assembly to do away with the "special status" associated with Article 370, but also work toward trifurcating the province into three separate entities - the valley, Jammu and Ladakh.
In 18 (18%) cadavers with the coeliac trunk presenting its three arteries, left gastric, splenic, common hepatic, trifurcating at the same level, forming the Haller's tripod (Figure 3).
''Vice Chancellor Prof Allam Apparao thought it fit to install the statue of YSR, who was instrumental in establishment of the technological university for the coastal region, trifurcating the JNTU.