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The production from a single power source of both electricity and useful heat while simultaneously providing cooling, as for refrigeration.
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Other than this, some manufacturers are also focusing on trigeneration, which is a modified version of cogeneration system.
The company, which is listed among 'Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises', provides diesel, natural, and biogas gensets; lighting towers; cogeneration, trigeneration, and hybrid power systems, and comprehensive technical services.
Tecogen announced an $8.4M Turnkey Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Services contract to install a 1 MW trigeneration plant at a data center located in New York City.
Thermodynamic analysis of a trigeneration system consisting of a micro gas turbine and a double effect absorption chiller.
Further, the technology is widely used across the commercial and residential establishments on the account of their providing electricity, ability for trigeneration and heat & cool simultaneously.
These include: Makkah Construction & Development Co., Sahara Petrochemicals, and the National TriGeneration CHP Co.
Teksan Generator is an engineering and technology company that designs and produces 100 per cent domestic capital and diesel, natural gas and biogas generator sets, mobile lighting kits, portable generators, cogeneration - trigeneration solutions and hybrid power systems.
In addition, the technology is widely used for trigeneration, providing heat, cool and electricity across the commercial and residential establishments.
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simulated a trigeneration system with a turbine, making use of solar and geothermal energies [95].
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