trigger finger

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trig′ger fin`ger

any finger, usu. the forefinger, that presses the trigger of a gun.
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The Arabs raised their rifles to pour in the last volley that would effectually end all resistance; but Achmet Zek roared out a warning order that stayed their trigger fingers.
Suddenly the long tail snapped stiffly erect, and as though it had been attached to two trigger fingers the two rifles spoke in unison, for both men knew this signal only too well--the immediate forerunner of a deadly charge.
It must have been the latter cause which kept the trigger finger of the steady hand from exerting the little pressure that would have brought the great beast to at least a temporary pause.
Had a green Martian woman desired to show dislike or contempt she would, in all likelihood, have done it with a sword thrust or a movement of her trigger finger; but as their sentiments are mostly atrophied it would have required a serious injury to have aroused such passions in them.
Upon trial he found the trigger finger too numb for movement.
Caption: Felt index points for flexed trigger fingers in ready position: Fingernail behind stud of slide stop on Ruger 1911 (left).
(4) Of the five annular pulleys and the three cruciate pulleys for fingers and two annular and one oblique pulley for the thumb, the A1 pulley that lies over the volar surface of the metacarpal head is the pulley involved in trigger fingers. (3) The A1 pulley is subjected to the highest forces and pressure gradients due to its location during normal as well as power grip.
Su, "Quantitative evidence of kinematics and functional differences in different graded trigger fingers," Clinical Biomechanics, vol.
The May 6 headline "Tiny trigger fingers shatter families" brought to the forefront some critical points gun rights advocates need to hear and understand - if not for the sake of those with tiny trigger fingers, then to safeguard our cherished Second Amendment rights.
With a sizeable bounty on Daisy's head, trigger fingers become itchy and Ruth faces a battle of bullets and wits to cling onto his valuable prisoner.
When Fulham led against Spurs on Wednesday night, straight after Martin Jol's sacking, you could sense chairmen up and down the country getting itchy trigger fingers.