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n. trígono, área de forma triangular.
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The opening of the ureter is located at each posterior-lateral angle of the bladder trigone.
25-cm cystotomy in the midline posterior bladder wall about 2 cm behind the bladder trigone.
00) BM: Buccal mucosa, RMT: Retromolar trigone, FOM: Floor of mouth Table 4: Age- and sex-wise distribution of SCC in present study Age in years Male Female Total (%) 0-10 0 0 0 (0.
Intravesical ureteroceles are commonly seen in asymptomatic adults and are usually associated with a single ureter which normally inserts into the urinary bladder trigone.
Xanthogranulomas in central nervous system mainly arise in the choroid plexus and most of them are located in the trigone of the lateral ventricle.
The tunnel is directed toward the trigone, medial to the original hiatus.
As a result the end of this technique, the disconnection line extends from the posterior part of the lateral ventricle opening, to the trigone of the temporal pole cavity (8,28,50).
On the neck computed tomography (CT) scan, it showed a tumour in situ, confirmed as a squamous cell carcinoma in situ on cytology, on the right mandible, extending to the floor of mouth and the retromolar trigone.
The trigone valley is shortened with respect to the lingual wall of the buccal cusps, and is delimited by the well-developed metaconule and a large, globose protocone, which continues lingually without separating from the lingual cingulum which is only well marked in the zone between the metaconule and protocone.
The palatal island flap for reconstruction of palatal and retromolar trigone defects revisited.