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n. trígono, área de forma triangular.
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White arrows, tumor involvement extends from the buccal mucosa to the retromolar trigone. Tumor extends superiorly to the maxillary buccal sulcus and inferiorly to the mandibular buccal sulcus.
Cystoscopy demonstrated herniated wall of the bowel through a defect in the antero-superior aspect of the bladder with overlying debris; mucosa over the trigone and posterior wall was normal.
The ureter passes lateral to the antero-lateral vaginal fornix within the bladder pillar and enters the trigone of the bladder.
Thirty-five patients (41.9%) had carcinoma of the tongue followed by 29 (32.6%) with carcinoma of buccal mucosa, 17 patients (19.8%) with carcinoma of alveolus, 2 patients with carcinoma lower lip, 2 patients with carcinoma of retromolar trigone and one patient with carcinoma of floor of mouth.
A case of peripheral ameloblastoma of retromolar trigone: Histopathological and immunohistochemical profile.
The right and left lateral ventricles measured ~17 and 23 mm at the trigone level, respectively.
After examination of the abdominal cavity, the bladder was located, and the urinary bladder trigone and pelvic urethra were identified.
The opening of the ureter is located at each posterior-lateral angle of the bladder trigone. These openings are generally slit-like in appearance and are approximately 2.5 cm apart in the contracted bladder.
Normally the ureters enter the bladder on its dorsolateral surface, within the region of trigone, whereas the ectopic ureters open in the bladder neck, urethra, vagina or uterus (Mayhew et al., 2006; McLoughlin and Chew, 2000).
A transverse incision is made through mucosa across superior aspect of trigone between ureteral orifices.