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A trigraph is a group of three letters that together form a single specific sound. Trigraphs may consist solely of consonants or vowels, or they may be a combination of both.
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1. Three letters spelling one consonant, vowel, or diphthong, such as Sch in Schiller or igh in high or thigh.
2. A group of three letters, especially of frequent occurrence in a given language, as the or ing in English or gli in Italian.
3. Any combination of three letters of an alphabet. Also called trigram.


(ˈtraɪˌɡrɑːf; -ˌɡræf)
(Phonetics & Phonology) a combination of three letters used to represent a single speech sound or phoneme, such as eau in French beau
trigraphic adj


(ˈtraɪ græf, -grɑf)

1. a group of three letters representing a single speech sound, as eau in beau.
tri•graph′ic (-ˈgræf ɪk) adj.
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the trigraph, igh is visualised as a whole, rather than as -i-g-h-).
The time interval between the pressing and releasing of keys is described as the "Trigraph" and the time that each key stroke is depressed is referred to as the "key hold time" or "dwell time" (Bergadino, Gunetti & Picardi, 2002).
I barely even knew what phonics were when my son started learning them, and he now bandies around words such as digraph and trigraph as casually as, 'It's not fair.
The one syllable reading/decoding section of the test includes five word attack subscales: 1) short vowels in Consonant Vowel Consonant (CVC) words; 2) short vowels, digraphs and -tch trigraph; 3) consonant blends with short vowels; 4) r- and 1- control vowels; 5) long vowels; 6) and variant vowels and diphtongs.
(16) There is some need for referring to a grapheme or cluster of graphemes, whether it be a monograph, digraph or trigraph, which can be usefully regarded as a unit corresponding to any phoneme, regardless of how many phonemes it can correspond to.
Josh Reinhardt; supervising sound editor, Ryan Collins; stunt coordinator, Viktor Ivanov; visual effects supervisors, Vladimir Leschinski, Arkadiy Dubinin; visual effects, Trigraph; associate producers, Ivan Zassurski, Christine Havercroft, Stephen Benson, Dmitri Yurtsvaig, Rafael Minasbekyan.
An obvious property shared by virtually all of the German examples is that they contain the trigraph SCH.
Header file contains prototypes that specify the remote methods to be called in the web SOAP/XML services: // File: str_cmp.h typedef char *xsd_string; class ns_Info { public: xsd_string response; }; //gsoap ns service name: trigraph //gsoap ns service type: wsdlPortType //gsoap ns service namespace: urn:http://localhost //gsoap ns service port: http://localhost/cgi-bin/trigraph.cgi //gsoap ns service transport: struct ns_getInfoResponse { ns_Info return_; }str; //gsoap ns service method-style: getInfo rpc //gsoap ns service method-encoding: getInfo int ns_getInfo(xsd_string param1, struct ns_getInfoResponse &r);
It highlights how the trigraph is utilized in presenting argument in different subject in philosophy, such as conjectural gap-filling, actuality to modality, cognitive failings, and appearance and reality, among others.
David Hunt (London: Trigraph & the Leventis Foundation, 1987, [1899]), 274-280; Rupert Gunnis, Historic Cyprus: A Guide to its Town and Villages, Monasteries and Castles (London: K.
While the details are classified, this method permitted a submarine to operate in the lower half of its depth-speed profile and to receive (not transmit) in thirty minutes or less a trigraph, or three-character code group.
Reflecting an iconographic tradition based on Philippians 2:9-11 that combines a final judgment scene with an adoration, the paintings gather a great throng, including the Doge of Venice, Pius V and Phillip II (for whom the original was probably intended), beneath a choir of angels who worship the trigraph IHS.