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Adj.1.trihydroxy - containing three hydroxyl groups
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Alpha-methylacyl-CoA-racemase is an enzyme that transforms branched chain fatty acids and bile acid through beta oxidation to dihydroxy cholestanol and trihydroxy cholestanol thus transforming a-methyl branched chain fatty acids to CoA and S stereoisomers, and it is produced in the prostate in large amounts (5).
RT Class Substances 13,98 Lauric acid 16,02 Myristic acid 17,86 Palmitoleic acid 18,51 Fatty acids Palmitic acid 21,12 Oleic acid 21,31 Linoleic acid 21,58 Stearic acid 26,36 Monoglycerides Monopalmitin 28,00 Mono olein 30,96 Alpha-sitosterol 33,69 Trihydroxy colane 3,7,12-ethyl-24-oate 33,98 Deoxy-cericea-lactone 34,58 Steroids and Gedunine 35,03 triterpenoids 7-Oxogedunine 35,37 Efusanin A 35,98 Deacetyl-gedunin RT Class % area 13,98 0,26 16,02 0,36 17,86 1,10 18,51 Fatty acids 33,21 21,12 39,13 21,31 16,86 21,58 4,70 26,36 Monoglycerides 0,52 28,00 1,40 30,96 0,24 33,69 0,36 33,98 0,65 34,58 Steroids and 0,43 35,03 triterpenoids 0,30 35,37 0,27 35,98 0,26 RT: retention time (min).
The trihydroxy Adm was easily transformed into the Br-modified ATRP initiator (Adm-Br) via reaction with bromopropionyl bromide (Scheme 1).
(C) Oxylipins--unsaturated trihydroxy or epoxy fatty acids structurally similar to leukotrienes and lipoxines.
Hills (1979) reported that the vicinal trihydroxy phenolic moiety of hydrolyzable tannin is not readily amenable in the preparation of adhesives, but it may form a useful extender for phenolic resins, as in the case of chestnut-wood extracts (Kulvik 1976, 1977).
The di- or trihydroxy metabolites are further oxidized in the bone marrow by myeloperoxidase (MPO) to benzoquinones (Schattenberg et al.
(1986) reported on the discovery of two trihydroxy unsaturated fatty acids (C18-acids) in a different plant belonging to the Liliaceae, namely Allium cepa (onion).
Theaflavins possess benzotropolone rings with dihydroxy or trihydroxy substitution systems which give the characteristics colour and taste of the black tea (Menet et al., 2004).
* BioPlex Cetylsil mild silicone quaternaries * Biowax silicones * Biosil Basics amino acid and panthenol silicones * Biosil Basics Guerbet esters * Fluorinated esters * Biosil Naturals * Exsymol Silanols from trihydroxy silicon and skin care actives * Exsymol enhanced peptides for excellent bioavailability * Exsymol natural skin care actives * GELYMA all natural, marine cell algal skin care actives
Minor constituents of Bupleuri Radix: Occurrence of saikogenins, polyhydroxysterols, a trihydroxy C18 fatty acid, a lignan and a new chromone," Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, vol.
Except for 3DHDCA, all the molecules are modifications of the trihydroxy CA and the isotherms reflect their higher solubility as compared to the modifications of the dihydroxy molecule DCA (Figure 4).