Related to trilinear: Trilinear interpolation


Relating to, having, or bounded by three lines.


(Mathematics) consisting of, bounded by, or relating to three lines


(traɪˈlɪn i ər)

of, pertaining to, or bounded by three lines.
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JAI has launched Gigabit Ethernet versions of its Go Series 5-megapixel polarisation camera and its SW-4000TL trilinear colour line scan camera.
[29] visually categorized the transition types as three different responses: overshoot, trilinear and bilinear.
(2003) Marching Cube Algorithm: Review and Trilinear Interpolation Adaptation for Image-Based Dosimetric Models.
(A serum methotrexate level below approximately 0.02 [micro]-Mol/L has been indicated as necessary for resumption of DNA synthesis.) A bone marrow biopsy revealed hypocellular bone marrow, with a marrow-tofat ratio of 20:80 and trilinear panhypoplasia of the erythroid, myeloid, and megakaryocytic cell lines; no metastatic tumor or granuloma was seen.
Surprisingly, the patient on day 13, had a normal trilinear endometrium, 8 mm thick and the discharge had stopped.
Also known as trilinear diagrams, piper plots are used to visualize the chemical composition of rock, soil, or water samples in hydro-geological industries.
At present, functions describing the FCM mainly include several forms, such as linear, bilinear, trilinear, exponential and power functions, among others.
Shao et al., "Using second-order calibration method based on trilinear decomposition algorithms coupled with high performance liquid chromatography with diode array detector for determination of quinolones in honey samples," Talanta, vol.
(2) Compared with trilinear alternating least square- (TALS-) based PARAFAC method, the proposed method provides a better angle estimation as well as a lower computational complexity.
The above process contains many random reads and trilinear interpolations, which happen to be the strengths of texture memory.