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Relating to, having, or bounded by three lines.


(Mathematics) consisting of, bounded by, or relating to three lines


(traɪˈlɪn i ər)

of, pertaining to, or bounded by three lines.
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Tenders are invited for Seeds of hybrids of maize, first generation, trilinear, German or French selection or Austrian selection, zoned for Minsk region, in 5 lots.
Also known as trilinear diagrams, piper plots are used to visualize the chemical composition of rock, soil, or water samples in hydro-geological industries.
In the study area, aproximately 60% groundwater samples show distribution of mixed cations, 26 % are Na+K type, 8% are Ca and 6% are Mg Type water on Piper Trilinear Diagram.
61) The findings of the study showed that ALC slows down the progression of AD in younger patients, at a cut point of about 61 years, and the trilinear approach provided a better estimate of the average rate of change.
The chemical data of groundwater and surface water was plotted on trilinear piper's diagram [29] showed that most of the samples analyzed in different locations belong to Na+-Ca2+-HCO3 and Ca2+-HCO3 water types with small representation from Na+-HCO3- followed by HCO3- as a dominant anion.
For the case of aluminum wrought alloys, a trilinear strain-life curve was introduced, which divides the elastic part of the strain-life curve into three sections [12, 13].
The modified refractivity profiles tend to resemble either a bilinear or a trilinear curve, as shown in Fig.
In the trilinear pump two different drive frequency mode--1000 and 1500 rpm, respectively, as well as features of the pump operations in the normal and shear mode were investigated.
Plots of groundwater composition of Khairpur area is illustrated in the trilinear piper diagram (Fig.
Columns and girders were idealized by an elastic beam model, while the isolation system was idealized using alternatively each of the following analytical models: viscoelastic (VE), bilinear (BL), or trilinear (TL) (Figure 13).
To perform RFC, some idealized parameters estimation models were presented, such as one linear model, bilinear model, and trilinear model, which can be seen in Figure 1.
According to the definition of the linear function we can obtain the bilinear function B([xi], [eta]) and the trilinear function C([xi], [eta], [zeta]) shown as