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 (trī-lĭth′ŏn, trī′lĭ-thŏn′) also tri·lith (trī′lĭth)
A prehistoric structure consisting of two large stones set upright to support a third on their tops, found especially in Europe.

[Greek, neuter of trilithos, having three stones : tri-, tri- + lithos, stone.]
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A piece of visual art by Martin Dzurek and Jaacuten Vajsaacutebel was introduced at the concert organized on day of their planned wedding.The trilith with half of their faces as a foundation with an overhead lintel stone bearing the Slovak Spojili naacutes, meaning they connected us, found a temporary home at the festival.
The incense collection point of Hanun, presumably built and maintained by the Sumhuram colonists in the near Nejd, was called Sanun in the ESA inscription found at the site (Avanzini KR 2, 630-31; Newton 2009: 18 and refs.) It is located by the side of a major water hole and as such is surrounded by trilith monuments constructed by local inhabitants.
"Unfortunatiely, we have not been able to reach agreement with Trilith Educational Services Ltd on mutally acceptable terms and conditions.''