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 (trī-lō′bāt′) also tri·lobed (trī′lōbd′)
Having three lobes: a trilobate arrowhead; trilobate leaves.
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(traɪˈloʊ beɪt, ˈtraɪ ləˌbeɪt)

also tri•lo′bat•ed,

having three lobes.
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Adj.1.trilobed - (of a leaf shape) divided into three lobes
compound - composed of more than one part; "compound leaves are composed of several lobes; "compound flower heads"
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Circumbilical retractor muscle attachment area in the Ordovician trilobed bellerophontoidean gastropod Tritonophon peeli sp.
The primary papillae in the pharynx are simple, bi or trilobed, this last form being the most common (Fig.
Most avian species have a trilobed pancreas with the third lobe, or splenic pancreas, located independent from the other two.
of placenta 46% was round with periphery thinner than centre, only 10% have abnormal shapes like bilobed, trilobed, triangular heart and kidney shaped.
The supranal plate is not trilobed at its extremity, but this feature is only very weakly seen even in the type species oubitai, as shown in Donskoff's (1985) figure, and is absent in D.
The anther crest is usually distinctly trilobed. Amomum's fruit can be categorized into two groups: capsulate and fleshy spiny berry.
The intracardiac catheter remnant was successfully retrieved by interventional radiology team under fluoroscopy, using 5 mm trilobed snare device through the right femoral vein (Figure 4).
1E); leaves are simple, pseudodigitate-trifoliolate-shaped, and sometimes trilobed (Fig.
Hind wings trilobed with 2 weak marginal clefts between CuA and CuP and A1 and A2, venation simple (Fig.
In contrast, in Hexacorallia, the sister class of Octocorallia, the free edge of the mesenteries is expanded into unilobed or trilobed mesenterial filaments, which typically feature gland cells and cnidae (Daly et al., 2003; Jahnel et al., 2014).
pseudotemporalis superficialis (Psd s) (Figure 2) is multipinulated and trilobed in shape (three oval portions in each component).