trim away

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w>trim away

vt sepweg- or abschneiden; details etcentfernen
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Meat can be on the menu once or twice a week, but choose lean cuts of beef and pork, and trim away all the white fat you can.
Start by removing the sac holding the testicles when you field dress your buck Use a sharp knife to trim away everything attached to the top of the scrotum.
Summer pruning To keep this rampant woody vine in check, you need to trim away any wayward shoots back to five or six buds.
Minor cartilage injuries may get better on their own within a few weeks, but more serious ones may need surgery to trim away the tear.
Unroll the pastry and carefully transfer to the tin, pressing it gently into the corners, and trim away any excess.
It's small and handy, and intended for use to trim away the extra fabric when making stitch-and-flip units so you can stitch the cut-away triangles together to make a brand new halfsquare triangle unit The ruler also has holes to guide you as you determine the width of your seams.
Trim away the excess lace as close to the stitching as possible.
CRISPR works as a type of molecular scissors that can selectively trim away unwanted parts of the genome, and replace it with new stretches of DNA.
You'll need to think of this when buying your livers, as you'll trim away a fair amount.
Use a sharp knife to trim away excess pastry from the rim, then leave the tart case to cool in the tin for 15 minutes.
Just clip the plastic Innie between tongue and inner edge of the shoe, it the laces firmly in place and you trim away the excess - neat, slick and super cool.