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A chemical compound or molecule consisting of three identical simpler molecules.

tri·mer′ic (-mĕr′ĭk) adj.
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(Elements & Compounds) a polymer or a molecule of a polymer consisting of three identical monomers
trimeric adj
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(ˈtraɪ mər)

a molecule composed of three identical, simpler molecules.
[1925–30; < Greek trimerḗs having three parts. See tri-, -mer]
tri•mer′ic (-ˈmɛr ɪk) adj.
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Noun1.trimer - a polymer (or a molecule of a polymer) consisting of three identical monomerstrimer - a polymer (or a molecule of a polymer) consisting of three identical monomers
polymer - a naturally occurring or synthetic compound consisting of large molecules made up of a linked series of repeated simple monomers
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The trimer content in isocyanurate composition was more than 35% after distillation.
Une situation de precarite qui pousse la majorite des travailleurs en noir a jeter l'eponge, preferant faire la manche et vivre dans la rue que de trimer pour un salaire de misere.
Some of the most important sites targeted by HIV neutralizing antibodies are hidden when the three gp120s, or the trimer, are closed, and the gp120 trimer remains closed until the virus binds to a cell.
All the polyester polyols were cross-linked with HDI isocyanurate and IPDI trimer to form polyurethane coating films.
(2000); mass spectra of these compounds reveal molecular masses of 576 Da for dimer, 864 Da for trimer, and 1152 Da for tetramer (Anderson et al., 2004).
Adiponectin is a 28-kDa protein with a collagen-like structure; it circulates predominantly in 3 multimeric forms, i.e., trimer, hexamer, and high-molecular-weight (HMW) [6] multimers (12--and 18-mers), which are evident from size-fractionation (gel filtration, velocity gradient, and gel electrophoresis) and immunoblotting experiments (5).
Special care was taken to properly isolate and quantify the peaks for the cyclic trimer and tetramer.
Identification, determination and biological evaluation of novel styrene trimer in polystyrene container.
The kinetics of the dimer and trimer Table 1 - comparison of diisocyanate properties PPDI TDI MDI (80:20 (Pure) 2,4-:2,6-) Molecular weight 160.1 174.2 250.3 % NCO 52.5 48.3 33.6 Physical form White flake Clear liquid Solid Melting point ([degree]C) 95 <15 38 Vapor pressure 5.1 0.025 <0.0001 mm Hg (temp, [degree]C) (100) (25) (43) Specific gravity 1.17 1.2 1.18 (Temp, [degree]C) (100) (25) (100)
To gauge the relative value of rPET derived polyols for coatings, a representative sampling of various commercial polyols were obtained and formulated into two-component clear coatings using hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI) trimer (isocyanurate).
Then, in separate studies, using first cryo-electron microscopy and then X-ray crystallography, the researchers were able to reveal the structure of the Env trimer, how it assembles and how it interacts with broadly neutralizing antibodies that target HIV.