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 (trī-mĕs′tər, trī′mĕs′-)
1. A period or term of three months.
2. One of three terms into which an academic year is divided in some universities and colleges.

[French trimestre, from Latin trimēstris, trimēnstris, of three months : tri-, tri- + mēnsis, month; see mē- in Indo-European roots.]

tri·mes′tral (-trəl), tri·mes′tri·al (-trē-əl) adj.
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It's a trimestrial get together where all company members have a dinner party.
For all these reasons, in conservation centers such as the CIVS, a health assessment that includes physical examination, fecal and blood parasite evaluation, hematology and plasma biochemical analysis should be performed routinely (trimestrial or half-yearly) in incoming and long-term captive raptors.
In his trimestrial report about the UNAMID activities, Ban K-Moon said the clashes pushed "at least 35 fatalities and the displacement of some 25,000 IDPs from the camp to Nyala and surrounding villages".