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1. A substance that occurs in three distinct crystalline forms.
2. One of the crystalline forms in which a trimorphic substance occurs.


1. (Geological Science) a substance, esp a mineral, that exists in three distinct forms
2. (Geological Science) any of the forms in which such a structure exists


(ˈtraɪ mɔrf)

a substance existing in three structurally distinct forms; a trimorphous substance.
[1905–10; < Greek trímorphos having three forms. See tri-, -morph]
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Groutite, an orthorhombic trimorph of (monoclinic) manganite and feitknechtite, is a rare species known in good specimens chiefly from the Iron Range of Minnesota (in 1980 some superb specimens were collected in the Roberts mine, Cayuna Range, Crow Wing County).
The yellow patina (already mentioned) is lepidocrocite, chemically identical with goethite, its trimorph. As measured by SEM imaging, the patina consists of a uniform, 1.6-[mu]m-thick layer of lepidocrocite (very unlikely to have been applied artificially) upon calcite (Fig.
Brookite, the orthorhombic trimorph of [TiO.sub.2], occurs in fine, doubly terminated, deep reddish brown crystals in chert cutting Hale Creek, Trinity County, California.