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1. Consisting of three names or terms, as a taxonomic designation.
2. Mathematics Consisting of three terms.
1. A three-part taxonomic designation indicating genus, species, and subspecies or variety, such as Brassica oleracea botrytis, the cauliflower.
2. Mathematics An algebraic expression consisting of three terms connected by plus or minus signs, such as x2 + 4x -3.

tri·no′mi·al·ism n.
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1. (Mathematics) maths consisting of or relating to three terms
2. (Biology) biology denoting or relating to the three-part name of an organism that incorporates its genus, species, and subspecies
3. (Mathematics) maths a polynomial consisting of three terms, such as ax2 + bx + c
4. (Biology) biology the third word in the trinomial name of an organism, which distinguishes between subspecies
[C18: tri- + -nomial on the model of binomial]
triˈnomially adv
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(traɪˈnoʊ mi əl)

1. consisting of or pertaining to three algebraic terms.
a. pertaining to a scientific name comprising three terms, as of genus, species, and subspecies.
b. characterized by the use of such names.
3. an expression that is a sum or difference of three terms, as 3x + 2y + z or 3x3 + 2x2 + x.
[1665–75; tri- + (bi) nomial]
tri•no′mi•al•ly, adv.
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A. ADJtrinomio
B. Ntrinomio m
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adjtrinomisch, dreigliedrig
nTrinom nt
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A third fundamental aspect was the concern about the trinomial collection-analysis-verification.
To face this challenge, the clinical management approach we defend recognizes the importance of subjects involved in relationships established in comprehensive care and in the consequent learning processes, conceived within the healthcare-management-education trinomial. Therefore, health managers and professionals should build common objectives, for which they share knowledge and professional effort, and in which they are equally involved.
Liu e Zhang (2008) discutem um modelo de regressao polinomial e Brillinger (2009) constroi um modelo trinomial em que os tres resultados possiveis para o modelo trinomial contemplam os tres resultados possiveis em uma partida de futebol (vitoria do mandante, empate e vitoria do visitante).
Assuming the underlying distribution is normal, we find the returns and associated probabilities for trinomial distributions such that (i) average returns are replicated, and (ii) we have two extreme returns, one implying bankruptcy.
To investigate the unexpected relationship between Y and ER, we re-estimated both models after replacing the variable InE[R.sub.t] in the two equations with a nonlinear quadratic trinomial of ER, as the graph of the exchange rate is parabolic.
The trinomial tree (Figure 2) is fully specified by the value of the risk-free rate and rating assessment at each node of the tree, where there are nine probabilities for moving to one of nine possible states in the subsequent time node at each node.
After several such examples, the students should be asked to explore ways to find the final trinomial answer to the product without writing out the steps of the distributive property.
From these findings, which evidence the dehumanization of women during their care in the delivery process, emerges the pressing need for nursing professionals and, in general, health professionals to advocate, get trained, and commit to providing humane care during the delivery process, for the marvelous moment of birth to be impregnated with the best care possible, with care that really impacts upon the wellbeing of the mother-child-family trinomial and that the healthcare staff can be seen as protector, caretaker, and assistant in all the stages of this transcendental moment in the life of every woman.
Nigmatulin, "Stability of trinomial linear difference equations with two delays," Automation and Remote Control, no.
In this article, we use the widely recognized EP--T method for discretizing continuous distributions, where each risk realization is represented with a trinomial approximation of all possible scenarios.