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An electron tube used mostly for signal amplification, consisting of a cathode, an anode, and an intervening wire mesh called a control grid.


1. (Electronics) an electronic valve having three electrodes, a cathode, an anode, and a grid, the potential of the grid controlling the flow of electrons between the cathode and anode. It has been replaced by the transistor
2. (Electronics) any electronic device, such as a thyratron, having three electrodes
[C20: tri- + electrode]


(ˈtraɪ oʊd)

a vacuum tube containing three elements, usu. anode, cathode, and control grid.
[1920–25; tri- + (electr) ode]
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Noun1.triode - a thermionic vacuum tube having three electrodestriode - a thermionic vacuum tube having three electrodes; fluctuations of the charge on the grid control the flow from cathode to anode which makes amplification possible
electron tube, thermionic tube, thermionic vacuum tube, thermionic valve, vacuum tube, tube - electronic device consisting of a system of electrodes arranged in an evacuated glass or metal envelope
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Later on, after tube diodes and triodes, such types of EL were created: [7] tetrodes (1913), pentodes (1929, Fig.
Cette lettre tragi-comique, ecrite dans un style alerte et spirituel, nous renseigne sur les points suivants: d'abord, que Tzetzes, du moins a ce moment, etait locataire et non proprietaire de son appartement ; d'autre part, qu'il habitait loin du centre ville, dans une habitation degagee, loin des triodes (11), reputees sales et dangereuses, qui emergeaient de part et d'autre des axes principaux de la capitale.
While it would be difficult to pin down an invention date for semiconductors (writ large), it is somewhat easier to identify dates of invention for specific developments in the field, such as the transitions from diodes to triodes to transistors.
355) For example, comparing these metrics between diodes and triodes, or between traditionally purified EPO and recombinant EPO, can provide useful indications of the relative value of an improved technology over a basic patented invention.
The cooling system of the triodes is made up of a double water circuit; it is designed to allow the longest possible life of the triodes and does not requir periodic maintenance operations.
The most prolific telegraph-radio inventor, Harry Shoemaker, devised mechanisms improving the de Forest triodes and a wide variety of other wireless improvements for a number of companies.
Morgan, the European Investment Bank, the IFC, KfW, Triodes Bank, ACCION International and the Omidyar Network, the philanthropic investment firm of Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay.
From 1985 to the present, he has also employed the schematic imagery of classical electronics--resistors, capacitors, batteries, ground, coils, lamps, switches, plus diodes, triodes, pentodes--in pseudo-circuits that link figures.
The diodes and triodes are whipping in and out so fast that you miss whatever message there may be.
The Luxman LV105u was a hybrid job, MOSFETs and dual triodes in the output stage and a tone control bypass switch.
Barlow has written about antiques and the tools of early triodes since 1979.
They hold the promise of extensive applications in such fields as high performance photonic devices including light-emitting diodes, energy conversion devices, sensors, polymer grid triodes, optocouplers and lasers (1-4).