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 (trē′ə-lĭt, trī′-, trē′ə-lā′)
A poem or stanza of eight lines with a rhyme scheme abaaabab, in which the fourth and seventh lines are the same as the first, and the eighth line is the same as the second.

[French, diminutive of trio, trio; see trio.]


(Poetry) a verse form of eight lines, having the first line repeated as the fourth and seventh and the second line as the eighth, rhyming a b a a a b a b
[C17: from French: a little trio]


(ˌtri əˈleɪ, ˈtraɪ ə lɪt)

a short poem of fixed form, having a rhyme scheme of ab, aa, abab, and having the first line repeated as the fourth and seventh lines, and the second line repeated as the eighth.
[1645–55; < French, Middle French, akin to trèfle trefoil, clover < Greek tríphyllon (see tri-, -phyll); see -et]
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I wrote, I wrote everything--ponderous essays, scientific and sociological short stories, humorous verse, verse of all sorts from triolets and sonnets to blank verse tragedy and elephantine epics in Spenserian stanzas.
Then we'll get married on triolets that will sell," he asserted stoutly, putting his arm around her and drawing a very unresponsive sweetheart toward him.
Just to show you, I wrote half a dozen jokes last night for the comic weeklies; and just as I was going to bed, the thought struck me to try my hand at a triolet - a humorous one; and inside an hour I had written four.
bluetits butt leis countess cuts ones encarpus ecru naps fiascoes face isos furrings frig urns grounded gone rudd guardees gade ures hairnets hint ares isleless ills sees mounseer muse oner obviable oval bibe oghamist ohms gait personae proa esne pleonasm pens loam psalmist pams slit rainouts riot anus shoalier sole hair soybeans syen obas stewpots sept twos teosinte toit esne theorems term hoes triadist tids rait triolets tilt roes tweeness tens wees weirdoes wide eros
6) Patrick Carey, Trivial Poems, and Triolets, [ed.
Triolets, villanelles, rondels, rondeaus, Ballades by the score with the same old thought: The snows and the roses of yesterday are vanished; And what is love but a rose that fades?
actually two triolets, contains two such hinges, as well as a larger
But when I signed up for Carol Rumens' poetry module in the final year of my undergrad degree at Queen's University Belfast, it was no longer a crush - the study of triolets, villanelles, and sestinas, as well as an introduction to a range of contemporary poets such as Sharon Olds, Galway Kinnell, Seamus Heaney and Mary Oliver gave me more and more reasons to love poetry.
una corona de triolets que yo habia burilado a vuela pluma en el tren carreta que une el moderno ingenio azucarero de Jarami con la ciclopea estatua a la Bandera que ha cincelado Fioravanti.
25, 1949: "I hope you and Jack kept it up well into the small hours, capping carryout with carryout, besting ballade with ballade, vying in virelays and triumphing with triolets.
There were ballades, chants royal, kyrielles, pantoums, rondeaux, rondels, rondeau redoubles, Sicilian octaves, roundels, sestinas, triolets, villanelles, and virelais to play with, and poets of varying merit had a go.
Thus, his seventh book of verse since 1974 features a sonnet whose title is the same as that of the collection, quatrains with alternating rhymes, couplets, triolets, a terza rima, plus sestets of various rhyme schemes and line lengths.