trip hammer

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trip ham·mer

also trip·ham·mer or trip-ham·mer (trĭp′hăm′ər)
A heavy, power-operated hammer that is lifted by a cam or lever and then dropped.
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Mina gazed at him fixedly for a few minutes, during which my own heart beat like a trip hammer, for I felt that some crisis was at hand.
The mixture is then pounded to pulp by a trip hammer powered by a quaint, wooden watermill before it is dried and polished.
A touch to control with the right boot and a trip hammer swing of the left later and Scotland had risen, kicking and screaming from the depths of despair.
Blombach, who has been working and teaching the craft for 41 years at his Trip Hammer Forge in Westminster.
Their first success was the invention of a trip hammer called the Little Giant, a mechanical blacksmith.
* And now, falling like the blows of a trip hammer, we see CNN and Time Magazine stand accused both of libel and of cowardice at this summer's end--libel by the Pentagon for airing and then retracting the most explosive charges since the My Lai massacre, and of cowardice by the two producers fired by CNN; we see Stephen Glass at The New Republic and Patricia Smith at The Boston Globe exposed as liars and a weeks-long drama in which Mike Barnicle forced The Globe to withdraw a demand for his resignation over a column many thought had been plagiarized and then, a few days later, resigned after being confronted with a 1995 column written without checking the facts.
He played for Scotland with distinction, blazingly honest enough to recall that pulling on the blue jersey with the Lion rampart on his chest made his heart beat like a trip hammer.
The two of them put together a trip hammer using scrap parts from the pile behind the shop.
Burton, in his second year of blacksmithing, went with his wife, Katrina Burton, Fitchburg's Forge-In coordinator, on a visit to the Trip Hammer Forge.
Water power would run a sawmill, a small gristmill, the forge bellows, a trip hammer for the anvil and a lifting winch.